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ALLEN Digital Major Online Test Series for JEE & NEET Preparation

Why Should You Join Allen Digital ‘Major Online Test Series’ for JEE & NEET (UG) Preparation?

ALLEN DIgital Online Test Series

Every student prepares for a test. But, have you considered making ‘tests’ a part of your preparation? An exam is not just a test of your knowledge but also a test of your mental fortitude and conditioning. Exams are stressful because students spend time studying for the exam, but how many students spend time to study the exam itself?

Benefits Of Online Tests

Taking up a test series is the best thing you can do for your JEE & NEET (UG) preparation. The advantages of it are multiple, and it adds a new dimension to your studies. Here are some benefits of opting for online tests-

  1. Experience: Get the real-time experience of giving the test, with unpredictable questions, time limit and pressure. 
  2. Get Accustomed: Once you start giving tests, you shall get accustomed to the structure, which helps you prepare more efficiently.
  3. Structure: You shall know exam patterns and structure more clearly, helping you pace up properly, and score more.
  4. Confidence: Feel more confident every time you give a test. With regular test practice, you feel less pressure, helping you perform better.

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The ALLEN Online Test Series Advantage

Allen Digital understands that students need to give online tests in order to unleash their potential in the final exam, and thus offers the exclusive Major Online Test Series. This test series can be a game-changer for you as it is developed by Allen’s experts who have over decades studied the exam patterns and have helped countless students succeed!

Here are the benefits of taking up our Major Online Test Series:

1. Highly Relevant Questions

Any course, be it for JEE or NEET (UG), has countless questions. One cannot boil the ocean, that’s why it is essential to practice questions that matter the most. Our subject experts develop these tests, the questions of which are highly relevant, and help you strengthen your exam preparation.

2. Multiple Tests

The test series has multiple tests as per the course you’ve selected. You can give a fresh test several times, and you can also re-do a test for practice purposes as many times as you want.

  • JEE (MAIN) – 14 Major Tests
  • JEE (MAIN+ADVANCED) – 16 Major Tests
  • NEET(UG) – 12 Major Tests

3. Hints & Solutions

ALLEN Digital’s Major Online Test Series not just tests students, but also guides students! The test series comes with NCERT references, hints, and solutions that help students evaluate what went right or wrong. They can reflect upon this and make necessary adjustments or improvements.

4. Analysis Report

You get a detailed analysis report 24 hours after you give the test. This enriched and intricate report provides you with the minutest of details that help you gauge your performance. You can keep getting these reports and keep improving after every test.

Test Your Way To Success!

Giving online tests regularly is the last and the most important frontier of your exam preparation journey. You can take this one notch higher with Allen Digital’s Major Online Test Series. Be it JEE (Main), JEE (Main + Advanced), or NEET (UG), this test series is the edge you need before appearing for your competitive exam!

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