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Biology Examination 2022-23: Preparation Strategy for CBSE Class 12th

Biology is the Study of Complicated Things That Have the Appearance of Having been Designed with a Purpose. Here’s the Expert Preparation Strategy to Score High in Biology

As CBSE has released sample papers on 16/09/2022 with a marking scheme for session 2022-23. Pre-board exams are approaching so students need to know a directed approach to ensure maximum output in the time available till the exam date. Here is the complete analysis with the preparation strategy for Biology Examination 2022-23.


National Education Policy 2020 has affirmed the need to move from rote to competency based learning. This will equip the learners with key competencies to meet the challenges of the 21st century proactively. Accordingly, the Board has taken multiple steps towards the implementation of Competency Based Education (CBE) in schools. These range from aligning assessment to CBE, development of exemplar resources for teachers and students on CBE pedagogy and assessment and continued teacher capacity building. 

The Changes for Classes XII (2022-23) Internal Year-End/Board Examination are as Detailed:

1. Competency Based Questions would be – 30 %
2. Objective Type Questions will be – 20%.
3. Remaining Short Answer/Long Answer Questions (as per existing pattern) – 50%.

CBSE CLASS-12th Marking Scheme of Biology

VI Reproduction 16
VII Genetics and Evolution  20
VIII  Biology and Human Welfare 12
IX Biotechnology and its Applications 12
Ecology and Environment 10
Theory  70 marks
Practical  30 marks
Total  100 marks

Design of the Theory Question Paper:-

Section  Type of Questions No. pf Questions Total Marks
MCQ + AR 16 01×16 = 16
B Short Answer Type I 05 02×05 = 10
C Short Answer type II 07 03×07 = 21
D Case-based questions 02 04×02 = 08
E Long Answer Questions 03 05×03 = 15
Total  33 Questions 70 Marks


This is the time when students would be under tremendous pressure to perform well in examinations that ultimately cause anxiety & stress. But proper planning & step by step guide may help to overcome these problems & help to score well. 

Here are some tips for the class XII CBSE students in examination 2022-23 to score well. 

Tips to Become a WINNER:- 

Know the complete syllabus for the CBSE examination & be aware of the topics /chapters which are deleted by CBSE. 

Make a study plan: – prepare a time-table for all the subjects to complete well in advance &follow it regularly.

Proper Revision – proper revision should be done periodically. 

Focus on NCERT:- Please focus & start with NCERT Books as they are the basic preparation material for the CBSE class XII examination as well for your forthcoming target examination Medical. 

Solve all NCERT questions followed by Chapters –make brief solutions for all NCERT questions in all the subjects. 

Focus on all the figures, tables, flow charts, and graphs given in NCERT Books. 

Short notes preparation-Prepare handwritten short notes based on NCERT for last-minute revision. 

Practice CBSE Sample Question papers & Previous Year Question papers: – Proper practice of Sample Question papers issued by CBSE will give the students all about the types of questions asked as well as the marking scheme & time management. 

Point to Remember for Examination:- 

Know the Examination pattern & prepare yourself accordingly. 

Understand the questions properly prior to answering. 

Attempt the question paper section-wise it will help to score better. 

Figure-based questions in proper diagram with proper labeling in proper way to indicate every part clearly. 

Marks are awarded on your quality contents not on your quantity contents.

  Sub part of the question should be done in sequence altogether. 

Put the correct and clear question number at your answer. 

Avoid cutting, rubbing, and overwriting while answering the question. Avoid grammatical, and spelling mistakes. 

Answer in very simple language instead of using complex terms. 

Rough, canceled work should be crossed properly.

NOTE: – Make good use of Diwali and other holidays.

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