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Crack IIT Series of ALLEN – How to optimize marks in Maths in JEE Advanced

Ultimate Guidance of JEE Advanced 2022, Important Topics of Mathematics

Mathematics is also an important subject for scoring high marks in JEE Advanced. Here’s Senior Faculty, JEE Division of Allen, Manoj Bindal Sir elaborating on the strategy to score high marks in JEE Advanced 2022. He also informs about the chapter weightage of important mathematics chapters and also tough questions from the chapters of mathematics in previous years’ question papers.

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Approach to attempt Maths paper in JEE Advanced 2022

Usually, multiple choice and multi-complex questions have been asked in JEEP Advanced 2022. Here are some approaches to attempting the maths exam in JEE Advanced-

  • Before attempting the examination paper, the aspirant of JEE Advanced should do an overview of the prior maths paper.
  • Attempt questions from best-prepared chapters since question-solving is a time-consuming exercise in JEE Advanced 2022.
  • Believe in yourself that at least 30% easier questions come in JEE Advanced.
  • Aspirants should answer easy questions first, then moderate questions, and then tough in mathematics for scoring high in JEE Advanced.
  • Attempt the JEE Advanced 2022 paper in 2-3 rounds and divide the time for attempting the paper, which would benefit the student.
  • Students should attempt multiple correct answers and mixed concept questions.
  • Students should not panic while attempting the question paper.
  • Aspirants should not unnecessarily waste time challenging any answer option.

Tactics for scoring high in JEE Advanced

Aspirants should not read those chapters in Maths now which he hasn’t studied so far. Reading such unread chapters now will not only waste the crucial time of the aspirants but also hit their morale as there is hardly any time left in the JEE Advanced 2022 examination now. Questions do not come from any particular chapters only but the entire subject. An aspirant should revise only those chapters which he has read in the past.

Important Chapters of Mathematics for JEE Advanced 2022

Fundamental of mathematics, quadratic equation, logarithm, sequence and progression, complex number, binomial theorem, permutation & combination, determinant, matrices, probability, Point & Straight line, Circles, Conic section, and Vector & 3-D. Most questions in the question papers of JEE Advanced of the last 3 years were asked from these chapters.

Fundamentals of mathematics is a zero chapter and its concepts appear in other chapters as well. Aspirants should have an understanding of quadratic equations. Students should also know to establish a relation between roots and coefficients while they should also revise the location of the root.

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