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Know Last Week Strategy for NEET 2022

Check Do’s and Don’ts list for the NEET Exam

As only a week is left until the NEET 2022 Examination, aspirants should prepare and follow last week’s strategy to crack NEET 2022. Adherence and compliance to such an examination strategy can do wonders for the aspirants. NEET 2022 Examination is proposed to be held on 17th July 2022. Allen Experts have also prepared a NEET 2022 Examination strategy to aid the students. Know ‘A’ to ‘Z’ of the examination strategy here-

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

Prepare Examination Strategy for NEET 2022

Shooting arrows in the air without any target serves no purpose, so students must plan last week’s examination strategy to conquer NEET 2022. After an entire year’s examination preparation, the student should list the important chapters, scoring areas, syllabus, and examination pattern of NEET 2022. Students should make a checklist of the important do’s and don’ts for averting any mistakes.

Read and practice previous years’ examination papers

The best way to prepare for the NEET Examination is by reading and practicing previous years’ examination papers of NEET. The previous year’s question gives a fair idea about the examination pattern, weightage of chapters, difficulty level of the NEET examination, and examination paper level. A thorough analysis of the previous year’s examination papers can help the students better prepare for the NEET examination.

Revision of the important chapters

Revision of the already read is best for boosting self-confidence. Identify and make a checklist of the important chapters which need revision before the examination. Assign time duration for the chosen chapters that need revision ahead of the examination.

Doubt clarification from teachers

If there is doubt in the students’ minds about any chapter or subject, the aspirant should consult their teachers. There is no point in carrying the doubt in your mind till the examination as it will reduce your confidence and create problems.

Study in Exam centre like environs

Students can plan revision and practice the previous year’s question paper in the examination centre ambiance at their homes. Students should attempt mock tests and previous years’ examination papers in the same time slot in which the actual examination will be held to get its feel.

Time Management

Just as time management is key in the NEET examination preparation, it should not be taken lightly in the last days before the crucial examination. The student should make a timetable of their waking, sleeping and studying time. Take proper sleep of 7-to-8 hours to get up fresh in the morning. It is a subjective decision to study till late at night or early in the morning but going early to bed and rising early in the morning is always recommended.

Eat Healthy to stay healthy during Exam time

Health and food correspond, so NEET aspirants should prioritize their food and health in the last days before the Examination. Bad health either due to consumption of junk/improper food or health negligence, can cost dearly to the students, so students must eat healthily. Also, students should spare some time for daily exercise or a healthy walk to stay healthy on examination days.

Take a note of the Stationary and Admit card

Download the admit card timely before the examination to avoid the last-minute hustle and bustle. There is no point in leaving the downloading of admit cards for the last moment. Also, students should align their examination stationary a day before the examination.