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Memories Relived at the ALLEN Alumni Meet

More than a Thousand Guests Attended ALLEN Alumni Meet, Shared Experiences

ALLEN Alumni Meet

I am proud that I studied in Kota, I was an ALLEN student. This is where my dreams began to come true. ALLEN has made a big contribution to my career. The journey to success has become possible only through Kota. Now it feels great to see the changed ALLEN and Kota. Kota has changed a lot in just a few years.

Dr. Jeevan Kankaria, who was a pre-medical student in ALLEN in 1995 batch, expressed these sentiments in the ALLEN Alumni Meet Samanayan. A two-day ‘ALLEN Alumni Meet 2024 Samanayan’ was organized by ALLEN Career Institute in Kota on May 11-12.

ALLEN JEE Main 2024 Result

Doctors from all over the country came to Kota to participate in the program. More than one thousand guests attended this program. Many programs were organized in two days for these alumni who studied at ALLEN in Kota and made their career in different years. During this event, they met their teachers and took their blessings.

When we met friends, we hugged and inquired about each other. These students saw the changed form of Kota and ALLEN. Visited the newly constructed Chambal Riverfront and City Park in Kota. Along with this, they also visited the classroom campuses built in different areas of ALLEN Career Institute in Kota.

Kota River Front 2 - ALLEN Alumni Meet

The main event (ALLEN Alumni Meet) was held at Samaras Auditorium of ALLEN Sammanat Campus on Sunday. All the participant alumni were felicitated here. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla was the chief guest on this occasion.

ALLEN Alumni

ALLEN family’s mother Shri Krishnadevi Mandhana, Directors Dr. Govind Maheshwari, Rajesh Maheshwari, Dr. Naveen Maheshwari and Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari, HOD KG Vaishnav and PB Saxena sir were present in the program.

ALL Directors with Alumnies - ALLEN Alumni MEET 2024

A video message of former state minister and MLA Shanti Dhariwal was also played in the programme. On this occasion, ALLEN announced ALLEN Family Scholarship Scheme for ALLEN Alumni.

In the program, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said that I welcome all the doctors who have come to Kota. I am also proud that I am from Kota. This feeling of pride is bigger when we go to another city, Delhi or abroad.

There we meet ALLEN Alumni. They share their memories of Kota with us. It is my experience that there is no city like Kota for studies. Facilities like Kota, the method of teaching here is very good.

OM Birla Ji - ALLEN Alumni MEET 2024

This is the reason why lakhs of students are coming here every year. The struggle learned from here inspires the students to move ahead in life and teaches to struggle for success. ALLEN is not hiding from anyone its efforts to improve Kota. The coaching institutes here have moved forward on their own and have set an example for the country in providing quality education.

On this occasion, Director Dr. Govind Maheshwari said that ALLEN has carried the motto of “Values to Success”. Giving values along with education is our priority, that is why today ALLEN is recognized as a family. It feels great to see this family growing like this. You all came on ALLEN’s call, refreshed the memories of old days, it is a very pleasant feeling. Looking at you people, it seems that ALLEN has made a small contribution in making their career.

Director Rajesh Maheshwari said that the alumni meeting brought back memories. This is ALLEN’s real strength. Doctors from across the country met each other. It is a very pleasant experience to know their experiences and see the changed Kota.

ALLEN Director Dr. Rajesh Maheshwari - ALLEN Alumni Meet

Director Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari described the moments shared with the old students as unforgettable and gave information about ALLEN’s academic journey. In the end, Director Naveen Maheshwari expressed his thanks.

ALLEN Family Scholarship Announcement

ALLEN Director Naveen Maheshwari said in the program that ALLEN has always been with the students. ALLEN has been contributing in taking them forward. Once again this announcement is being made to keep the relationship between students and ALLEN strong.

ALL Directors - ALLEN Alumni MEET 2024

ALLEN Alumni Scholarship “ALLEN Family” will be launched with admission in the next session. Under this, scholarship will be given on fees to the children of the family of ALLEN alumni who studied in ALLEN in any year. ALLEN has guided more than 30 lakh students since its inception. In such a situation, we will be able to connect with the families of so many students and encourage them.

ALLEN Taught to Fight

Dr. Jeevan Kankaria, a 1995 batch student from Jaipur, said that he has learned a lot from Kota. Kota does not just bring success, here everyone is taught to struggle because when it comes to competitive exams, we need a very different level of hard work.

This was learned in Kota and the lessons taught by ALLEN from values to success are very useful for us even today.

Still the Same Faculties

Dr. Devendra Chaudhary, who came from New Delhi, said that the best feeling after coming to Kota was that even today the same energy and positivity is there. The same teachers who taught us were seen in ALLEN.

Dr. Devendra Chaudhary,- ALLEN Alumni MEET

ALLEN is maintaining its traditions. Even today students are studying with the same prayers and same values. This is a very good experience which will be remembered throughout life.

Kota Motivates to Move Forward

Gujarat cadre IAS Dr. Vikrant Pandey said that Kota inspires to move forward. I am from a small town Bhawanimandi. Learned to struggle from ALLEN, that is why I cracked Civil Services after medical. Came to Kota, studied in ALLEN in 1996 batch and got selected in RPMT.

IAS Dr Vikrant Pandey - ALLEN Alumni MEET

Hard work is done in ALLEN, the way Brajesh Maheshwari Sir, Vaishnav Sir, Saxena Sir and other faculties taught us, the subjects seemed very easy. Even today the education at ALLEN is just as good. ALLEN and Kota are encouraged to move forward.

Kota Has Changed A Lot

Dr. Ashish Goyal, who came from Noida NCR-Delhi, said that the Kota has changed a lot from then and now. ALLEN has also grown up a lot.

Dr Ashish Goyal - ALLEN Alumni MEET

We studied in two-three room institute and today we like the changed look of big campuses and Kota. It is a great feeling to see Kota and ALLEN progressing.

Old Memories Refreshed

Dr. S.N. Gautam, student of 1995 batch and Head of Neuro Surgery at Kota Medical College, said that it felt great to spend time with old friends in Kota today.

Dr. S.N. Gautam - ALLEN Alumni MEET 2024

ALLEN made us. When ALLEN moves forward, there is a feeling of great pride, it feels like we are moving forward. Seeing the alumni of Kota once again in Kota, it felt like the old days have come again.

ALLEN Alumni Meet – Samaanayan 2024 | A Spectacular Reunion of Success and Memories

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