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Board Exam 2023: Roadmap to Score Maximum Marks in English

Scoring High in English is Significant for Scoring Well in The Board And Students Must Prepare a Strategy To Score in English. Here, We Will Elaborate About the Plan to Score Max Marks in English

With Diwali vacations approaching, it is high time to start thinking about Board Exam 2023. As far as English is concerned, this is the time to form a roadmap to score maximum marks. Keeping in view the days in hand for exams, we can think of a long-term strategy for now:

Long-Term Strategy

  • Read all the chapters with the purpose of understanding and analyzing the text, and enriching vocabulary.
  • Note down all the good words and phrases in the text and try to use them in your own sentences.
  • Read variety of questions, their solutions and try them in writing on your own.
  • Read and practice both variety of passages (Factual/Descriptive/Literary & Case-based) and develop an approach towards MCQs and very short questions.
  • Practice all the sections abundantly until you feel confident about them.
  • Try bringing spontaneity in your thoughts.
  • Practice in a time-bound manner.
  • Practice writing a long composition in 15-20 minutes and a short composition in 5-10 minutes.
  • Short answer type and long answer type questions should not exceed 5 and 10 minutes respectively.
  • Focus more on polishing the writing style.
  • Take your own time to remove all the bottle-necks such as- short of words, lack of time, haphazard thoughts.
  • Attempt sample papers first section-wise and then full-length at a stretch with the idea of estimating time required by you to solve the complete paper.
  • Try to manage 15 minutes to review your answer sheet.
  • Practice being cool and composed for three hours to avoid silly mistakes.

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