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Teachers are the superstars of Students in Education City Kota

The intelligence and diligence of Kota teachers are reflected in the results of JEE and NEET every year, whereby a large number of students are not only selected but also grab top ranks.

Teachers’ Day is also special for the students of Kota for whom teachers are the real superstars. In Kota, Teachers not only offer teaching and guidance to the students but also help them realize their career dreams.

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Teachers everywhere in Kota

As one passes through the lanes of the beautiful education city, Kota, it is not difficult to understand who are the real superstars here. Big billboards of the teachers not only boast their popularity but also reflect a fascinating aura around the teachers’ community. Just as the Film superstars are seen on the billboards across the cities in the country, the teachers in Kota are seen occupying prominent spaces on the billboards across the education city, Kota. Teachers here enjoy the same aura that film stars and sports stars receive otherwise across the country.

IITians and Doctors are also teachers here

The expertise of the teachers in Kota can be gauged from the fact that many IITians and doctors are preparing the students in Kota for IIT-JEE and NEET-UG entrance examinations. There are several IITians and doctors who are among the expert faculties here.

Teachers are known by their acronyms

Just as the Superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, etc. are known with their acronyms as SRK, SK, RK, etc., teachers of Kota also have their acronyms like the Superstars. For instance, at Allen Career Institute, Director and Founder Rajesh Maheshwari Sir is known as RM Sir, Brajesh Maheshwari Sir as BM Sir, Jeevan Jyoti Sir as JJ Sir, Vinod Kumawat Sir as VK Sir, etc. There is a long list of such star teachers of Kota who are known by their acronyms.

Teachers are the lifeline of Kota Coaching

Teachers are the lifeline of Kota coaching as it is the hard work and teaching methodology of the teachers which ensures the standout performance of Kota coaching. The intelligence and diligence of teachers are reflected in the results of JEE and NEET every year, whereby a large number of students are not only selected but also grab top ranks. Kota is the perfect epitome of Guru-Shishya Tradition, whereby teachers leave no stone unturned to groom students for the competitive examinations, which become useful for the life challenges of the students.

Teachers prepare students for the best and most sought-after competitive exams

Teachers here prepare students for the toughest, sought-after, and best competitive examinations. IIT institutes and medical colleges in the country are considered one of the best in the World due to which admissions to these IITs and medical colleges is a very grueling affair. Teachers provide brainstorming and conceptual education to the students to help them qualify for these tough competitive examinations.

Teachers prepared legends of life

Although the teachers of Kota are themselves legendary in their own class, they curate the legends with their teaching. Teachers here have brilliantly shaped the careers of over a million students so far. Adolescent students arrive in Kota for education and are groomed into the legends of tomorrow by the efficient teachers here. A large number of students have taken education from the teachers to go on to become legendary doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Why is Teachers’ Day celebrated?

Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of September in remembrance of the scholar, educationist, teacher, and former President of India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

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