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Atul and Sahil of Allen AGSD Selected for MIT

MIT is the World’s No.1 Ranked University

After establishing a dimension in the field of entrance exam preparation for the best engineering and medical institutes in the country, ALLEN Career Institute Private Limited is now ensuring the admission of students to the best educational institutes in the world. Allen students are proving their excellence for admission to the world’s top universities.

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Two Students of ALLEN AGSD Selected for MIT, USA

ALLEN Chairman Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari said that the ALLEN Global Studies Division is preparing for the university application process and entrance examination for the world’s top-ranked universities and institutes. Two students of the ALLEN AGSD division have been successful in the recently declared results of the world’s no.1 ranked university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA.

ALLEN Student Registration 2023-24

It includes Atul Nadig and Sahil Akhtar. Atul is a student of Allen AGSD Bangalore and Sahil Akhtar Allen is a classroom student of AGSD Kota Centre. Their studies at MIT USA will start in September. Before this, 10 students have been selected for MIT in the last 6 years since the inception of the AGSD division.

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8 AGSD Students were Selected for Oxford University UK Earlier This Year

Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari said that earlier this year 8 students of Allen Global Studies Division (AGSD) got success at Oxford University UK, which is one of the world’s top-5 universities. The students selected for Oxford University UK include Abhiram Cherukupalli, Atul Nadig, Dhruv Shah, Krishna Kabra, Mayank Motwani, Pramiti Shriram, Sahil Akhtar, and Yash Jaiswal. Prior to this, 19 students have been selected in Oxford so far.


ALLEN Global Studies Division has been preparing students for the university application process and entrance exams for undergraduate and graduate programs in the world’s top universities for the last six years. Students are offered guidance for profile building, statement of purpose, interview skills, and recommendation along with subject studies.

So far 10 students have been selected for MIT and 19 for Oxford, 3 for Caltech, and other students for Imperial, Michigan, and many other best universities. In AGSD, along with the written test, preparation for the interview is also done through mock tests.

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