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Study Hacks of the Toppers – Key to Success

Top Study Hacks Shared by All Toppers

Study Hacks of Toppers - Allen

I came across several toppers after the JEE Main 2023 Session 1 results recently. Toppers revealed some study hacks during the conversation. Here I will share study hacks of the Toppers, which may prove beneficial for all the aspirants of medical and engineering entrance examinations.


Keep Your Study Room Organized

Most of the Toppers admitted that they like to keep their study room organized for better learning. Organized study tables and chairs, books, clothes, etc. in the room create the required discipline for learning.

Identify the Productive Study Hours

Toppers revealed that there were certain productive hours during the study time in which the best learning happened. The study hours were very subjective for every topper, as some liked to study in the wee hours of early morning, some in the late evening, and some at noon. Aspirants should identify their productive study hours.

Recognize Your Learning Style

Many Toppers revealed their learning styles. Some like to read to study; some like to write to learn; some like to listen to audio to learn, etc. Aspirants should identify their learning styles for maximum output.

Manage Stress Through Relationships

Toppers disclosed that they also faced stress during their studies, which they would manage by maintaining good relationships with the peer group, including family members, relatives, friends, etc. Good relationships relieve stress and bring positivity to the mind and body.

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Seek Help in Studies From Online Resources

Many toppers revealed that they sought help in studies from online resources like online classes, online tutorials, online videos, etc.

Planned Leisure Time

Almost all the toppers asserted that they kept some time every day for leisure activities like watching tv, spending time with family members, spending some time on social media, etc. Toppers maintained discipline while planning their leisure time so that their studies were not affected.

Learn Experiences of the Toppers

Most of the toppers informed that they saw videos of the toppers or read the experiences of the Topper students to imbibe the high points of toppers in their studies. Success can also be achieved by replicating the toppers’ study hacks.

Exercise was Integral Part of Toppers’ Lives

Most toppers disclosed that they did some exercise every day to stay positive. Some went for walks or runs; some did cycling and some workouts. Toppers also took sunshine to impact the body as Vitamin D intake through the sun positively removes lethargic behavior.


Aspirants Can Follow These Study Hacks to Become Topper

These hacks are simple and easy to follow. All the aspirants should read these study hacks for success in the competitive or entrance examinations.

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