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ALLEN Career Institute conducted “Wings of Wisdom” sessions for students, teachers and parents

Positive thoughts lead the way to Success

– 51 sessions, 92000 students, 6000 parents and 2000 teachers attended the session in 15 days

– Seminar by Chandigarh’s Child Psychologist, Psychometrician and Career Counsellor Dr Harish Sharma

There are three ways through which a person can stay motivated and make life better.First, by getting inspired by others. Second, by knowing how to properly utilise the brain in order to succeed and third by understanding the path to success and performing well to achieve it. ALLEN Career Institute conducted special seminars “Wings of Wisdom” related to these three mantras. The seminar was taken by Chandigarh’s Child Psychologist, Psychometrician and Career Counsellor Dr Harish Sharma. These seminars were conducted to motivate the students and create a positive environment for them. The students were told that they have a right to think positive and negative thinking is a crime. Through positive thinking, a person can achieve anything.

In the last 15 days, ALLEN Career Institute has conducted 51 sessions for students and parents in various campuses across the city. More than 92,000 students, 6,000 parents and 2,000 teachers have attended these sessions. This is the first time that a session was being conducted for about 100,000 people at Kota. At the beginning of the session, medals were given to the respective batch toppers in order to motivate them. After this, Dr Sharma took a session on proper utilisation of the brain followed by a session related to strengthening the academics by Mr C. R. Choudhary, Senior Vice President of Allen.

Three paths of life

Dr Harish Sharma told that during our teenage there is a discharge of hormones in our body. Dopamine is one of them. This hormone motivates a person to achieve anything be it good or bad. In this stage, if a student is determined towards studies and career, then he/ she will definitely succeed. The second path attracts a person towards the opposite sex and results in love affairs. If these two situations are not there than a student gets attracted to food and he/she focuses on food which spoils the health.

Don’t waste time

Dr Sharma said that we all have a limited time. If we waste time then we will not achieve anything, but if we utilise time keeping in mind the goal then the purpose of life will be fulfilled. Dr Sharma said that it is important to learn to say no, this will help to utilize the time. If you are studying and someone calls you, you should know how to say no to them, for this you will have to strengthen the self-control management skills.

72 negative impacts of using mobile

Dr Harish Sharma told that students should minimize the mobile usage. The radiation emanated from the mobile causes 72 problems. He gave information about the effects of the radiations. Five parts of our brain are directly affected by this radiance. It reduces the speed to study and the sleep cycle also gets disturbed. Resulting in tiredness during class. Also, the Students tend to eat more sodium, which reduces concentration.

Positive thinking leads to success

Dr Harish said that your thinking plays a major role in order to achieve success. Whenever you imagine something, the brain accepts those thoughts. During this along with chemical reactions, the hormonal glands also get activated. Hormones will be according to the imagination. Stress hormones for negative thinking and happy hormones for positive thinking. The energy of the body gets doubled with positive thoughts. By doing your favourite work, there is a discharge of hormones called dopamine in the brain, which makes you feel better.

Teachers, Students and Parents need to understand these 5 points

The student’s life and character building depend on a triangle. The most important is the student himself. Whereas, parents and teachers are at the base of the foundation.


– Parents are the first teachers of the children and home is the first school. Children learn by looking at their parents. Therefore in order to inculcate good habits, parents will have to behave accordingly.

– Time is love, if you love your child, then you need to give them quality time.

-The main goal of a parent should be the character building. It is very important to explain to your child the difference between good and bad.

– No physician or psychologist can take the place of parents but parents can be a psychologist in their child’s life.

– Parents will also have to change for the upbringing of their children. They need to reduce the dependency on electronic gadgets.


– Try to understand a child’s brain, because a teacher plays a major role in its development.

– Teach the students from the basics and make their foundation strong. If a student understands the basics, it will be much easier for him/ her to learn any subject.

– While teaching about modern technology, explain the students about its utilization and misuse.

– Students look up to their teachers, so the teachers have to change themselves accordingly.

– Teacher’s role should be to educate as well as showing the path of spirituality to the children. Meditation and spiritualism help a student to rest their mind.


-To become a good person, it is important to be a good student. Which will help to become a good doctor or engineer.

– Take proper meals. Eat fruits, dry fruits and healthy food.

– While studying, the position of your body remains the same as during the examination. Create a similar environment at home so that you can perform better in examinations.

– Minimize the use of mobile and other electronic gadgets. This will help in increasing the concentration. It will be easier to remember things if you are revising daily.

– Set goals and stay focused on it. During this age many distractions will come on the way, you just need to put your energy towards your goal and definitely, you will succeed in life.

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