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Allen Career Institute’s Sovesh Mahapatra will represent India in Physics World Cup (IYPT)

Students of Allen Career Institute are proving their dominance over the result at International level. After creating history in IJSO-2017, student of Allen Institute will represent India in International Young Physicists’ Tournament also referred to as “Physics World Cup”.

Sovesh Mahapatra ALLEN Classroom Student (Class 10)

Director of Allen Career Institute, Brajesh Maheshwari said, A team of 5 students from all over the country will represent India in this tournament. of class 10th, a student of Pre Nurture &  Career foundation (Allen Career Institute) is one of them who will represent India globally. He has also received “The National Child Award -2015” from President of India.The 31st IYPT will be held in Beijing, China from July 19th till July 26th 2018, hosted by The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China (RDFZ). The first stage of this tournament consists of multiple choice questions. 35 meritorious students from all over the country are selected in this stage. The second stage is of interview in which 5 students are selected. These students will represent India in the tournament.

The IYPT is a team-oriented competition. That means that in contrast to a lot of other competitions students do not compete alone and on their own but as a team. The participating teams have almost a year to prepare so-called “Reports” on 17 tasks, called “problems”. During the tournament teams present their reports and discuss and defend their solution against an opposing team. Presentation and discussion are then graded by a jury consisting of national and international experts. The whole competition is executed in English, since the IYPT is an international competition.

The tournament itself consists of several rounds which are called “Physics Fights. The first five rounds are called the “Selective Fights”. They can be compared to the group phase of soccer competitions. All teams participate in five Selective Fights. The three teams with the highest total sum of points after the Selective Fights reach the Final Fight, which eventually determines the winning team.

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