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JEE Main 2024 Session 1 Examination (27 January) – Paper Analysis by ALLEN

Chemistry Was Theoretical, Physics Was Easy & Maths Was Long

Paper Analysis JEE Main Exam 2024 Session 1 (27 January)

The first session of the country’s biggest engineering entrance examination for admission to BE-B.Tech course, JEE Main-January 2024, began from Saturday.

The examination was conducted on computer based mode. The paper has been analyzed on the basis of feedback from students and feedback received on ALLEN Digital.

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According to the information received from the students, Chemistry paper was easy and theoretical while Physics paper was easy and Maths was long.

It is a matter of relief for the candidates that no questions were asked from the topics which have been removed from JEE Mains this year. Some theoretical questions of Physics troubled the children in the evening shift.

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The chemistry paper in the morning shift was of moderate level. Information based and conceptual questions were asked in Inorganic Chemistry. Whereas in Organic, most of the questions asked were conceptual. Whereas in Physical Chemistry most of the questions were numerical based.

In Inorganic Chemistry, two questions came from Coordination Chemistry and one question each from Chemical Bonding, Quantum Number and F Block.


Apart from this, questions also came from P-Block and other topics. In Organic Chemistry, two questions came from IUPAC Nomenclature and four-five questions came from GOC in which two were from acid and base and the remaining were from other topics.

There was also one question each from halogen derivatives and alcohol. A question also came from biomolecule. In Physical Chemistry, there was one question each from Mole Concept, Liquid Solution Electrochemistry, Ionic Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics. There was compilation of both theoretical and numerical questions in Chemistry in both the shifts.


The paper was easy in the morning shift. Questions were asked from most of the chapters of class 11th and 12th. Questions were asked related to 11th chapter Unit Dimension, Kinematics 2D, Circular Motion, Work Power Energy, Center of Mass, Momentum, Rotation, Elasticity, Calorimetry, KTG, Fluid, SHM and Gravitation. In U&D, questions were asked on Planck’s constant, and assertion reason. From gravity, the question came on acceleration due to gravity.
Whereas questions were asked on MI calculation from rotation. From the same 12th class syllabus, questions were asked from Electro Statics, Current Electricity, Capacitance, MEC and EMI. Questions from Modern Physics 1 came from Photo Electric Effect and Bohr Models. The question came on Q value calculation from Modern Physics 2.
Two questions were asked from geometrical optics while one question was asked from instruments. Diode based questions were asked from semi conductor. Practical based questions from Physics were asked in both morning and evening shifts.


In the morning shift the paper was of easy to moderate level. The calculations took time. Questions were asked from Algebra, Calculus, Coordinates and Vector 3D. One question was asked from Sequence-Series, two from Binomial, one from Matrix and one from Complex Number.

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Whereas one question was asked from Statistics. Similarly, one question came from straight line, two from circle and two from conic section. Two questions were asked from Function, one each from Limit and Continuity, one from Definite Integration, one from AOD, one from Differential Equations and one from Area. A question was also asked from Trigonometry.

This time the paper is believed to be easier than last time. The paper in the evening shift was longer than the morning shift.

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