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ALLEN Pre-Nurture Division’s 26 Students qualify for the final round of National Cyber Olympiad 2013

26 students of ALLEN’s pre-Nurture division have qualified for the Final round of National Cyber Olympiad organized by Science Olympiad Foundation.

NCO is organized every year by SOF New Delhi in various Asian Countries.

This year, round 1 of NCO was conducted on 4th Oct’13. Amongst the Top 20 students at International Level, Dhyey Sankalp Gandhi of VII class and Shivam Gupta & Anikesh Kumar Shukla of Class 10th have achieved 7th, 8th and 14th position respectively.

3 out of 4 students of class 6th received gold medals, 3 out of 5 students of class 7th received gold medals and the other 2 received bronze medals, 5 students were selected from class 8th  out of which 2 got gold, 1 got bronze, 2 students of class 9th received gold medal and one received silver medal, whereas 3 out of 9 selected students of class 10th received gold medals, 3 got silver and one received bronze.

This examination is conducted to encourage computer knowledge amongst students and to enhance their hidden talent.

The final round of the examination would be conducted in February 2014.

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Dainik Bhaskar Allen career Institute Date 17.11.2013 Page no.09 Natioonal Cyber olympiad Stage -1 2013



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