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ASAT 2021-22: The Big Opportunity For Your Perfect Academic Planning

Planning is a set of pre-decided procedure that helps you convert your time into a great opportunity. Planning is a very important element in every student’s life; planning the study schedule, planning effective time management. As proper planning ultimately puts you on the path of achievement.

Every student gets ample opportunities and if wisely used, those opportunities can be highly beneficial. So get active, understand the opportunities, grab the right one, and work towards making it productive.

No one else is going to achieve what you want to-it is totally up to you. Your family, teachers, and friends are definitely your support system, but that is all they are supposed to be for you. They cannot succeed for you, they can’t achieve the zenith for you. Only you can do that.

The three important steps to reach whenever you want in your career:
1. Proactiveness: 

It’s time for you to take ownership of your academic journey, and to be proactive in your decision making. One of the greatest traits of effective people is excellent decision-making skills. So you should follow proactive decision making to take the right decision at the right time and achieve your goal. It’s essential to have a direction you’re working for, lest you simply wander into the woods.

2. Pre-preparation: 

Pre-preparation meaning assessing yourself. When you’re setting goals for yourself, it’s essential, to be honest with yourself about both your abilities and your weakness. You need to be clear about your capabilities before starting to prepare. Cause the level of preparation differs from student to student. An average student’s level of grasping information will be slightly lower than someone with a higher IQ. So the plan and stages of preparations for the average student will be comparatively different even if the goal is same.

Introduce yourself to the idea of self-assessment 

Allen brings for you the best assessment tool- ASAT (ALLEN Scholarship Admission Test). Every ASAT is a unique exam developed by highly experienced academicians for your academic and physiologic assessment. Benchmark your Academic Preparation at National Level through ALLEN ASAT (for the Academic Session 2021-2022). The National All India Online ALLEN ASAT Exam is scientifically designed for your academic and psychological assessment. ASAT is a highly recommended exam for students studying in Classes 6 to 12. ASAT has IQ-based questions along with subject-based questions. Based on your performance in ASAT, you will get up to 90% admission scholarship. It is not just a scholarship that will benefit you while taking admission at ALLEN but will also indicate/ measure your basic pre-preparation level for any competitive examination.

The Upcoming Dates for Online ASAT are 27th December 2020, 3rd January 2021, and 17 January 2021. To apply online for ASAT, log on to www.allen.ac.in.

ASAT is the big opportunity, that you need for the perfect academic planning to achieve your goal.

3. Goal setting:

Goal Setting is the final step in your academic planning before the actual preparations. Goal setting is challenging and rewarding at the same time, thus it sparks a sense of profound inspiration and satisfaction. Get crystal clear on what you truly want to achieve- understanding what you truly want is an important step for any goal-setting.

You can develop more self-awareness with proper guidance and professional help. ALLEN will help you with that. Visit your nearest ALLEN center, then provide your ASAT results to the counsellors present at the center. They will guide you with the best academic decision based on your interest, willingness and ASAT score. Which course to opt for? When to start the preparations? How much time will it take?- they will answer each one of your questions.

The counsellors will supply you with the necessary information needed in a particular field of study, which will adequately prepare you for what comes after — the actual preparation for competitive exams.

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