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BM Sir Talk Show made impressive debut with the heartfelt & motivational story of Village boy, Dr Hemendra Patidar

1st Episode of BM Sir Talk Show aired on BM Sir’s youtube channel

Nothing can stop from achieving your goal if you have strong determination. This was proved true by Hemendra Patidar’s life tale of struggle and courage who defied all odds to emerge winner in AIPMT and become a doctor. In a candid conversation with Director and Co-Founder, Allen Career Institute Private Limited, Dr Brajesh Maheshwari, Dr Hemendra Patidar narrated his journey from a village boy to a medico at BM Sir’s Talk Show which was aired today.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

Collected Cow dung and looked after cattle in school days

When the kids of his age find it difficult to study even in all the comforts of the home, Hemendra Patidar studied in his village while performing household chores in his house to help his parents run the family. Hemendra told BM Sir that he used to collect cow dung and feed cattle after returning home from his school. Hemendra’s father was an Ayurvedic compounder while mother was a NREGA worker. His school in the village was up to only 8th class so going to the school was also not an easy job for Hemendra after class 8. Hemendra had to commute, sometimes on foot and sometimes atop public transport, to reach his government Hindi medium school in another village, which was situated 5 kms from his home, to study class 9th and class 10th. “Sometimes we had to cross the hills on foot and sometimes hang ourselves outside a public transport vehicle to reach the school”, he said.

Burnt Midnight oil to study in school days

Hemendra and other kids of the village burnt midnight oil to study in the night as the village used to witness frequent power supply failures. “We used to dip shoe laces in oil to light it up and put in a bottle filled with kerosene to study at night when there was no light in the village”, he said.

Mother’s devotion for the disabled elder brother became inspiration

Going to school 5 kms away or doing household chores after school was not a tough task for Hemendra who saw his mother ferrying her disabled elder son on her back to the school in a nearby village. “Mother used to drop and pick my disabled elder brother to the school and also perform household chores in between. Her dedication inspired me to not get deterred by any obstacle in life”, said Hemendra.

Struggled after taking admission in English medium school, Studied in bathroom of Hostel

Hemendra studied in Hindi medium government school till class 10th where he used to top in the school examinations. With the dream of becoming a medico, Hemendra reached Udaipur to study in an English medium school on someone’s suggestion. He struggled in the studies there due to the changed medium of education since he was a Hindi medium student till class 10th and now he was studying in English medium.

Hemendra used to share a room with 6 other students in a hostel in his school days and when he felt the need to study for extra time in the night to understand English, he used to study in the bathroom to prevent disturbance to his sleeping roommates in night time.

Reached Kota to study at Allen for cracking AIPMT

After clearing class 11th and class 12th in Udaipur in second division, Hemendra moved to Kota where he took admission at Allen for the preparation of AIPMT. Since Allen taught with the basics, Hemendra quickly improved in his studies. However, still Hemendra could not get a medical seat in the first year of his coaching at Allen and was left with the option of taking admission in BDS. But Hemendra decided to prepare for one more year at Allen to get a seat in medical college. Hemendra succeeded in getting a medical seat in the second year at Allen after cracking AIPMT but the AIPMT examination was cancelled. AIPMT was again held a month later but Hemendra did not get a medical college seat. Disheartened, Hemendra did not give up and prepared for AIPMT for the third year in a row at Allen as he was chasing a dream of becoming a doctor one day.

Grabbed seat in Medical college in Third attempt

In his third attempt, Hemendra got selected in AIPMT and got a seat in the Medical college of the state but again AIPMT examination was cancelled to dishearten him and his family. “My parents had tears in their eyes, due to exam cancellation, which they tried to hide from me so that I do not feel low”, he said. However, again determined Hemendra decided to appear in AIPMT which was organized a month after the cancellation of AIPMT. This time, he was overwhelmed by the blessings of God as he bagged All India Rank-59 and Rajasthan Rank-52.

He did MBBS from Sawai Man Singh Medical College Jaipur and later moved to AIIMS, New Delhi as Junior Resident.

Never Give up in life

Dr Hemendra said that life is full of struggle and everyone has to fight hard to accomplish his goal in life. “My advice to all the aspirants is that they should never give up in life and continue to work hard to achieve your dreams in life”, he said.

Stay Tuned for more inspirational tales in BM Sir Talk Show
The inspirational story of Dr Hemendra Patidar is just the beginning as BM Sir Talk Show will bring more such stories in the coming episodes. So stay tuned.

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