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Kota Alumni, Saving Lives amidst Global Pandemic: This Doctor’s Day We Salute Our Heroes


  • From California to AIIMS Delhi, Kota medical students offering services as doctors everywhere
  • Playing a crucial role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and saving lives
  • Every third student qualifying in medical entrance exams is from Kota
  • Kota Alumni students are working as active Corona warriors in all the big medical colleges

Kota. Doctors are at the forefront of fighting the novel corona virus, which has been declared as global pandemic. Medical professionals have been giving their best in preventing the spread of COVID-19 while also providing better treatment to infected patients. In this war against the pandemic, doctors have emerged as the true warriors who have been working tirelessly day & night, staying away from their families and beloved ones.

And in these tough times, one can see how the values of Career City Kota; the journey from struggles to success, is playing its big role because every third student appearing in medical entrance exam happens to be from Kota.

Most of the students doing MBBS from country’s elite medical institutes be it AIIMS, Maulana Azad, JIPMER or any other institute, have a Kota connection.

Kota’s value based education, which emphasizes on serving humanity & dedicating life for the welfare of others, inspires the alumni doctors to face this challenge with higher spirits.

Students who became doctors, getting selected in medical entrance exams after studying from Kota, are now rendering their services in different parts of the country as well as foreign soil.

There are many examples where our Kota alumni doctors are working hard to save the lives of the patients from corona pandemic. While we talk of such doctors, we want to salute all our medical professionals, including the Alumni doctors of Kota city, for being there for us amidst these tough times and helping humanity in the best ways possible.

California: Dr. Treta Fighting the War Against Pandemic

Working with the San Jose Medical Team, located in the Silicon Valley of California, America; ALLEN Kota Alumni, Dr. Terta Purohit is an experienced gastroenterologist. After studying in Kota, Treta did MBBS from T. N Medical College, Mumbai. Thereafter, she joined Johns Hopkins University, New York and did Master Course in Epidemiology and Infectious Disease and Public Health. She is currently fighting the battle against corona in America and is constantly giving consultations.

Delhi: Dr. Anupam Increased Working Hours

Working in the one of finest health institutes, AIIMS Delhi, Dr. Anupam Ranjan is working hard to provide better healthcare facilities to corona infected patients. He is working for longer hours than usual. Dr. Anupam Ranjan prepared for medical entrance exams from Kota in 2008.

Jaipur: Dr Wasim working for 18 hours

Dr. Wasim Baig is handling the Preventive Medicine department as the Associate Professor in one of Rajasthan’s biggest medical education centre, Rajasthan University of Health Science. This department holds the major responsibility during this time as it’s responsible for discovering and consultation of medicines needed for the infected and to prevent from infection. Dr. Wasim is working for 16-18 hours these days helping humanity. Dr. Baig prepared for medical entrance exam from ALLEN Kota in 1996.

Indore: Dentist Dr. Kuldeep is Taking Samples

Doctors of Government Dental College, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, have formed a team that is helping other doctors in fighting corona. This team of dental doctors collects samples of suspected patients. Assistant Professor of Government Dental College, Dr. Kuldeep Singh Rana is working relentlessly to collect samples from door-to-door amidst protest from people. Dr. Rana prepared for Medical entrance exam from ALLEN, Kota.

Kota: Dr. Ankit Testing Corona in the Lab

Amidst the risk of corona infection, the most important role is being played by physicians in the investigative lab. Whether the test is positive or negative comes out after serious examination of the samples conducted by these doctors. In such a situation, Dr. Ankit Pradhan, Virology Lab in Medical College Kota, is giving his best contribution. Dr. Ankit is spending almost his entire day in the lab; he was an ALLEN student in 2008.

Kota: Dr. Rajesh Samar meets family members from far

Dr. Rajesh Samar is a Senior Medical Officer in Emergency Medicine, working at the Community Health Center, Kaithun. These days CMHO is giving night duty in the Rapid Screening Team in the control room.  He is working in the screening of corona suspects coming from outside Kota and monitoring the home isolation. He has isolated himself from his family members; they meet from far away. He studied for medical entrance exam from ALLEN in 1997.

Every third medico is from Kota

Career city Kota is giving the most doctors and engineers to the country. Every year about one and a half lakh students come to prepare for medical and engineering entrance examinations. It consists of more than half of medical. Students, who have made a career as a doctor after preparing for the medical entrance examination in Kota for the last 30 years, are now serving in most medical colleges in the country. If you look at the results of the preparation of medical entrance examinations in Kota in the last two decades, every third student is from Kota. Apart from this, there are a large number of students who are connected to the Kota via many other mediums during preparation. Kota is currently the largest destination for medical entrance exams. ALLEN Career Institute is the largest institute for preparation of medical entrance exam in Kota. ALLEN contributes the most in success in these entrance exams.

Kota students are everywhere

Students who make a career as a doctor by preparing for the Medical Entrance Examination in Coaching City Kota are all over the country. After being selected from here, students are serving as doctors in different parts of the country. There are many students who are serving abroad. Apart from this, some students are also providing services through research and some through administrative services. In such a situation, Kota is directly and indirectly fighting a war against Corona through its services.

Kota in Delhi AIIMS

AIIMS, considered the most important and prestigious in medical entrance examinations, has half seats in First Year MBBS occupied by Kota students. If you look at the results of previous years AIIMS entrance examinations, half of the students in the first class starting in Delhi AIIMS are from Kota coaching. This can also be estimated from the fact that every second year the student who tops the Medical Entrance Examination is from Kota. Not only this, in the results of the AIIMS entrance examination for the year 2017, all the top 10 students were from the Kota

Proud of Kota

Kota is giving excellent results in medical and engineering entrance examinations in the country. Students, who have made a career in medical and engineering fields studying from Kota, are now serving as doctors and engineers all over the world. It is a matter of pride for us; this is the success of Kota. – Naveen Maheshwari, Director, ALLEN Career Institute


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