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Compassion for the diseased and passion for the perfection made Arushi a consistent topper and a doctor

Dr. Arushi Chaudhary had bagged AIR-4 in AIIMS 2008, Topper of RPMT 2008, AIR-7 in AIPMT 2008

A consistent topper throughout school, AIR-4 in AIIMS 2008, Topper of RPMT 2008, AIR-7 in AIPMT 2008, and Gold Medallist in OBGYN in post-graduation with several fellowships to her credit, there is definitely no stopping for a woman of her caliber. Her compassion for the diseased and her willingness to work for the betterment of the Indian Health Care Industry is what bring her into the medical profession.

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Not One to Settle For Mediocrity

Perfectionism is not a trait of the ordinary. But for Dr. Arushi Chaudhary, an extrovert by nature, who would never settle for less, it has become a way of life. From a studious girl in school to become a gynecologist, one thing that has forever been consistent in her life is her passion to be at the top. One could feel it in the strength of her voice, as this new mother of a 6-month-old girl says “I can’t settle for mediocrity. I have no regrets saying that I am a Type A personality and I have to be the best”. Her life story depicts that she has been living up to this spirit throughout her life. From the moment she got aware, her life’s goal was constant and fixed to becoming a doctor and that too a gynecologist specifically. Knowing what she wants in her life, she has been pursuing it with all her passion.

A Family That Stays Together

The Legends of Allen Dr. Arushi ChaudharyHer family has played a very vital role in her career and success throughout. She says that her parents always made sure she was moving ahead in the right direction providing the necessary motivation and inspiration at each and every step.

Settled in Jodhpur, the beautiful city of forts and palaces situated at the edge of the Thar Desert, Arushi’s father has retired as the Additional Chief Engineer at the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) of Rajasthan. Her mother was a Political Science and English teacher and her sister is an engineer from IIT and has an MBA. ALLEN has been a trusted institute for the entire family.

She joined ALLEN in class 11 more than a decade ago and her entire family moved to Kota to provide for her comfort. Her mother had to leave her job as a teacher so that she could take care of her daughters during their preparations. Her elder sister has also been her biggest source of inspiration and motivation.

Her husband is a Laparoscopic surgeon from Delhi. They both were together in AIIMS while pursuing MBBS, got married in 2016, and are now settled in Delhi with a 6 months old daughter.

All She Did was Study

It has been more than a decade now and going through those blurred yet the most important memories of ALLEN, she happily says “All I did was study”.

For the entire 2 years of her stay at ALLEN and Kota, she was just busy studying and did not quite get the time of creating any other experiences of the place. Her family made it home in Kota and ALLEN took complete care of the rest of her necessities as a student. Kota, for her, was a place where she could study amongst the huge competition and yet do that in complete solitude.

According to her the course is so wide and spread out, that one definitely needs a mentor to know what to actually focus on. She adds “You cannot cover all the different books available in the market since most of them are filled with false information; you need proper data, proper facts, proper source of information, and constant motivation to be moving in the right direction”. And for her, ALLEN did just that. It provided her with the best of faculties, comprehensive and to-the-point study material, and the real feel of the actual exam. Being highly appreciative of the faculties at ALLEN she says “The faculties are really good mentors and I still remember some of them who played an important role during my preparation. Brijesh Maheshwari Sir always kept interacting and motivating me throughout those 2 years”.

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The fruition of her Hard Work

Having completed her MBBS from AIIMS in 2014, she did M.S. OBGYN from PGIMS where she stood out as a gold medalist. Post that, she did fellowships in laparoscopy, Gynae oncology and currently she is doing in IVF from Southend Fertility, Delhi. With a total work experience of 3 years in hospitals like Max Superspeciality Hospital and Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, she plans to practice further as a Gynae Endoscopy Surgeon.

She preaches to stay focused and motivated no matter what the situation is. She thinks we should all take life on an easy note since good and bad phases will always come and go. She adds “It is not the end of the world. Everything will pass eventually”.

ALLEN is the best institute with the best faculties and best results.

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