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Chitraang Murdia – A Prodigy and JEE Topper who studied at IIT, MIT & UC Berkeley

Chitraang had bagged AIR-1 in the JEE Advanced 2014

The world changed for Chitraang Murdia when he became the topper of the JEE Advanced in the year 2014. Labelled as the prodigy of India, Chitraang became an overnight star among the students. His life up till now has been purely about studies in its entirety.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

Passion for Research

Being passionate for research from the very beginning, his decisions were all sorted out and led him to his

 dream of studying Physics and Pure Sciences. At a young age, when students would not know of their career choices and would go on following the herd, JEE Advanced 2014 topper, Chitraang Murdia’s vision was crystal clear and was totally inclined towards research. After having topped in JEE-Advanced 2014, he joined IIT Mumbai in Computer Science. He says” In my first year at IIT, I realized that I would not want to go for master’s but rather would go for Ph.D. after graduating from IIT. But then, as a year passed by, I found out that I do not quite like computer science.  I knew I wanted to study Physics but there surely were no options for that in IIT”. He came to know about the transfer admission to MIT and so he quit his B.Tech program at IIT Mumbai and went on to pursue Physics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the US with a 100% scholarship. He says “The experience in IIT was good. But, mostly the problem was that IIT, in general, was not aligned to my long-term goal that was research in physics and pure sciences”.

He never really thought of going to MIT earlier, also he informed that until class 12, he really could not qualify for it since he had no personal achievements. But then, with the IPhO gold medal and JEE rank 1, it all became relatively easy. He completed his undergrad at MIT and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Physics at UC Berkeley.

Support of Parents & ALLEN

Belonging to Udaipur, Rajasthan, Chitraang secured 97% in class 12. His father Manish Murdia is an IIT Delhi alumnus. His parents were always very supportive and wanted him to spend his time productively. As a student, he was sincere and intelligent and always used to top his class in school. His uncle, who is from IIT Kanpur told him about ALLEN and also wanted him to join ALLEN. He always acted as a motivator and inspiration for him. About ALLEN, he says “The teaching methodology at ALLEN was very good. There was a high level of cooperation among the academic and the non-academic staff.  They were always ready to cater to all the demands of students”.


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Present Life of Chitraang

Speaking of his current life, Chitraang says, “I am a very simple guy, who would get up, have breakfast, go for class, have lunch and again go for the afternoon class, come back, have dinner and finish my studies and homework. Sometimes I would go with friends for an outing but mostly my life is boring and I am a boring person altogether who would just love to study. And yes, I have another hobby of cooking as well which I do in my spare time if I have any. I also like eating out with friends”.

He adds “I want to go for academia, so I know studies are never going to leave me throughout my life. To all the students my message would be to try a lot of different things, you may like a few things and dislike others. Try to pursue only the ones that you really like”.

He also wants to contribute to society through his breakthroughs in the field.

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