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An AIPMT Top Ranker Nayan Gupta who is clear about his ‘vision’ for success

Nayan Gupta got AIR-5 in AIPMT 2015

Nayan was clear in his vision and thoughts about the path to success. Having cracked the toughest exam with the top rank, he believes in doing things with complete dedication. The fear of losing his achievements which are his biggest asset till date is what keeps him motivated constantly in life. A fun-loving Doctor-to-be, he loves to live in the present.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

Coming from a family of doctors, Nayan feels happy being a part of the Medical Fraternity

Belonging to the Alwar district of Rajasthan, to a family of Doctors, Nayan wanted to continue this legacy and so opted for the medical field. With his hard work and persistence, he secured top rank in AIPMT and is currently pursuing his final year of MBBS at Maulana Azad Medical College. And now after 5 years in the field, he is proud and happy to be a part of the medical fraternity. Both his father and mother are ophthalmologists, and he smiles and mentions, “My name ‘Nayan’ is attributed to this fact itself. My brother is M.D., General Medicine and my Grandpa is cherishing his life and politics”.

He adds “I would do anything and everything in life but whatever I do, I do it with all my heart and soul”. His motivation in life comes from the fear of losing what he had, what he has and whatever he is going to achieve in future. He enjoys his profession and studies. He says “The field is so amazing that the more you read, the more you realize ‘You know nothing, John Snow!’ (In reference to the famous ‘Game of Thrones’ TV Series)”.

The Initial Years


Nayan tells that when he finally joined college in 2015 after years of hard work and toiling, he first had the thought to why did he even go to Kota where he had been cut-off from life in real. But, today after having spent so many years in the college, he feels proud of the insane abilities that he had gained in Kota that are still helping him tackle all sorts of problems in his everyday life.

He says “I joined ALLEN because it is the best and my brother had already studied from ALLEN”. Summing up his 2 years in ALLEN, he says “Frankly I had to go through a lot of emotions throughout my 2 years journey in ALLEN. Getting separated from parents, crying out loud in a room and then next day rolling on the bench laughing at Ramesh Mahawar Sir’s joke. I have had them all”.

He adds further “This institute defines teaching and management. All I remember from those days are those mind boggling jokes by the stupendous teachers of ALLEN”. His best experience was when he got chicken pox in the second month of coming to Kota and somehow got Rank-1 in the next minor. He was praised and appreciated by Ramesh Mahawar Sir. Being emotional on the mention, he says “Today my rank stands nowhere near that praise”.

The Future Ahead

A fun medico and a cricket fan that Nayan, when asked about his future plans he says “Mahi Bhai ne Kaha hai ek baar me ek hi ball sochni hai”. So, for now, he just plans to close his MBBS chapter gracefully.

He believes real success is when you can pat on your shoulder and say to yourself “Dude you made it. You did what you dreamt of!” For all the students out there, he quotes a few lines from his favorite poem:

” alag alag path batlaate sab, par main ey batlata hun, raah pakad tu ek chala chal paa jayega madhushala tu “

He adds “It doesn’t depend on who you are and where you come from. All that matters is today!! Never ever get biased by XYZ toppers. You are the best judge for yourself. Motivate yourself. All you need to think about today is ‘How to perform best with the capabilities that you have’. Because not all toppers are successful and neither all of them are happy, so better be yourself and make your own plan for success and trust me ‘Ache Din Aayenge’.”

Meet Dr. Nayan Gupta (AIR 5, AIPMT 2015); The Soon to-be Ophthalmologist

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