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Presenting LEGENDS OF ALLEN – A Series of 79 Inspiring Success Stories of ALLEN Alumni

ALLEN and its Top ranker alumni are rewriting history by achieving new milestones every year.

The successful aspirants of the engineering and medical engineering entrance examinations from Allen are regularly passing on their baton of success to new aspirants every year. So it is the time to recognize and acknowledge those successful aspirants who have done proud to their families, city, country, teachers, and Allen through their hard work, intelligence, perseverance, and academic achievements.

We have prepared a coffee table book titled ‘The Legends of Allen’ in which success tales of 79 Top alumni of Allen have been incorporated who have grabbed All India Ranks in the first Top 10 AIR Ranks of medical and engineering entrance examinations since the year 1998.

The Legends of Allen has been created to showcase the lives, struggles, challenges, and accomplishments of Allen’s top achievers. The Coffee table book of Allen also aims to inspire and motivate the aspirants of medical and engineering entrance examinations who want to make big in life by defying odds.

At a macro level, this book delves into the inspirational lives of these young students, who not only topped their respective exams but are currently on top of their careers as well.

But going deeper into the book, you will find that it’s more about how little dreams ascending from farfetched places move all the way to a single place, to turn into a reality that the world prophesied. The book features interesting anecdotes of the struggle and achievement of these individuals, highlights the perseverance that spurred their growth, and lauds the academic excellence and values that brought about a paradigm shift in their destinies.

These are the true stories of these legends.

Hence behind each such legend, there stands strong support from the family, friends, guides, and mentors that have all stood through their thick and thin. For the last three decades, ALLEN has been synthesizing such legends with the adequate fusion of mentoring, caring, and guidance.

Our aim of making this book is to serve as a beacon of hope and confidence to future doctors and engineers. It will be a powerful reminder of the unassailable strength of the human spirit that could shape destinies of fame and fortune.

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Every Allen Legend has his/her inspiring story to influence and impact lives of the future aspirants. Legends have also admired Allen’s initiative of preparing a coffee table book in which there are several moments for them to cherish and take pride in. Most legends have recalled their fond memories of preparation days of medical and engineering entrance exam preparation days in Kota and also about what they are doing right now.

The parents of the legendary students have also hailed the Legend of Allen book which made them nostalgic about their kid’s successful journey with the help of Allen.

We aspire to make and replicate more and more such stories in the years to come…

Till then… Have a Good Read and Stay Inspired! 😊

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