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Service of mankind prompted her to become a doctor

Aishwarya Rathod got AIR- 2 in AIIMS 2012 & she is now a Junior Resident in Ophthalmology at AIIMS New Delhi

Traversing the journey called life, alternating between the two extremes of flamboyancy and modesty is the gist to how we take a dip into this genius’s story. “I am a confident and smart woman waiting to explore the world and trying to make it a better place” is how Dr. Aishwarya Rathod introduces herself best. Currently working as a junior resident, she is pursuing MD in Ophthalmology at RPC, AIIMS, New Delhi. She has completed her MBBS also from AIIMS, New Delhi. She is currently a junior resident pursuing my MD in Ophthalmology at RPC, AIIMS, New Delhi.

She also secured AIR-2 in AIPMT 2012 and AIR-49 in AIIMS Delhi PG entrance 2018. Always an aspiring student, she received the Balshree award from the President of India for creative scientific innovations.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

A road accident gave her a mission for a lifetime

Aishwarya wanted to become a doctor ever since she has understood the meaning of life. She was around 10 years old when she saw a road traffic accident and decided to be a surgeon. “I always wanted to do something to help our society and benefit mankind, and what better way than to heal them of their ailments? The ability to gift someone back their life seemed like the best thing I could do to help the motherland that has nourished and nurtured me since the beginning”.

She comes from a nuclear family of 4 crazy Gujaratis. Her dad, Dr. Mahesh Rathod is a Consultant physician and diabetologist at his private centre in Rajkot, Gujarat, her mother, Nayana Rathod, and a brother Shrey Rathod.

#LegendsofALLEN Aishwarya Rathod (AIR 2, AIIMS 2012), The marvel & her constant quest for excellence

Burning Desire required for Success

Legends of ALLEN Aishwarya RathodExternal motivation is always temporary. One needs to find reasons from within that keep you going. Every person, including the most successful ones, at some point in life, does require a push. But a push can only help you start. If you want to keep up that journey, you need an inner source of a burning desire to achieve something. Whenever I feel demotivated, I take a short walk around and realize how lucky I am to have shelter over my head, healthy food to eat, and to the ability to pursue my dreams. It makes me value my time and resources and fuels my ambition to work towards my goals.

Multifaceted personality with hobbies of sports, dance, and music

Studying medicine is not the end of the World for Aishwarya as she is a vibrant person with diverse hobbies and interests. While Aishwarya loves to play badminton, dance, music, sketching, she also is fond of exploring new places. She also has won several awards and accolades, which are as follows:

Awards/Accolades won by Aishwarya
  • Received the Balshree award from the President of the country for creative scientific innovations
  • Love to dance and paint and have won various accolades in the same, including the top 10 painters in the National Bal Bhawan painting competition in 2003 and ETV best dancer award in 2005
  • Participated in various national competitive exams, including NSTSE, ASSET, and AMTI and scored a rank in the top 100 in these exams
  • Attended the camp of the Indian National Biology Olympiad twice at Homi Bhabha Centre, Mumbai, in 2010 and 2011
  • Secured 2nd rank in AIPMT 2012
  • Secured 2nd rank in AIIMS Delhi UG entrance 2012
  • Secured 49th rank in AIIMS Delhi PG entrance 2018

ALLEN, My Alma Mater

ALLEN is my alma mater. ALLEN is the reason I’m able to be at this place of my dreams. ALLEN was the reason I could even think of coming to AIIMS in the first place. It is not just an institution for me. It’s my family. Everyone there has somehow contributed to making my career a success story.

You need someone to give that purpose the correct direction, and ALLEN was the source of that direction in my life. It guided me through my journey – it was the steering wheel of my car on the road to my career.

Every moment I spent at this place had something to teach me because every moment is a sacrifice against the easy life that could have been. My best moments were not when I was in the top 20 when the results were out, but the time period of those 3 hours when I was writing the exam to be in that top 20. One after the other, every question was a quest.

Spreading the Knowledge Ahead

Aishwarya has always loved to teach. Spreading the knowledge you’ve learned gives a sense of satisfaction that’s hard to describe. I’d love to be an Ophthalmology professor and teach my dear students the pearls of wisdom. But that’s way into the future. For now, I’d like to be a fine surgeon and a great clinician and set a good example as a doctor and a human for my successors.

Never give up on your goal

My mom ALWAYS told me one thing: never, never, never, never give up. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. The times may get tough, situations may get worse, and relationships may fall apart: but everything will fall back into place if you don’t give up. Irrespective of what people say, learn to believe in yourself and keep striving till you get what you’ve always wanted. Don’t procrastinate because tomorrow never comes. The time is now, so gear up because your dream is waiting for you.

There’s no single theory to success. One must customize the theory according to the strengths and weaknesses of that individual.

My motto in life is to “Aspire and Inspire”. One must aspire to be the best version of oneself – only then can they inspire others to live up to their potential. Be true to yourself and your dreams, and you’ll be able to achieve what you’ve always wanted. Your passion for your goal will help you fulfill your destiny and motivate others to work with sincerity and deserve what they’ve always aspired for. Only then can we benefit mankind and our generations to come.

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