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Big Announcement! Witness unfolding of the Untold Success Stories in BM Sir Talk Show

First episode of BM Sir Talk Show at 11 am on 5th August

Finally only a day is left now before witnessing the unfolding of the Untold Success Stories in BM Sir Talk Show’s first episode which will be aired at 11 am on 5th August. The Talk Show will trigger an ‘Emotion of Change’ since it would become a platform to showcase unheard struggles and challenges of the successful students.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

BM Sir will bring relatable success stories of the Life Champions

Co-founder and Director of Allen Career Institute Private Limited (ACIPL), Brajesh Maheshwari has mentored a large number of students over the years and remained eyewitness of the shaping future of unsung life champions. Brajesh Maheshwari, who is popular among students as BM Sir, will himself portray the success tales of those who were part of the crowd once but later carved a niche for themselves and kissed success. The Talk show will bring relatable unheard stories with which students will be able to relate themselves.

Success Tales to Inspire

Often the success stories of the Toppers are highlighted but the show will bring stories of those students whose grit and spirit to overcome challenges is awe inspiring. BM Sir’s BM Sir’s motivational sessions have inspired many students and people but now he would bring forth such inspirational tales which will motivate the students about winning over life challenges. The BM Sir Talk Show will narrate the tales of those students who stayed mentally rock solid and strong inside despite challenges brewing outside. The Talk show will be a harbinger of those students who chased their dreams with determinations despite adversaries in life. BM Sir will moderate the show which would teach life lessons and underline the meaning of life. BM Sir Talk Show will prove to be a source of light in the dark.

Big Announcement ✅ BM Sir Talk Show Coming on this Date | Untold Success Stories | Season #1

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