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Learn to study in relax mode to crack JEE/ NEET

Maintain a good body clock for efficiency and productivity in studies to keep the pressure at bay

Students have to study for a long stretch of time for success in competitive examinations like JEE and NEET, in which students sometimes find it daunting to strike a balance between studies and relaxation. Here are some tips to study in a relaxed mode during preparation for the competitive examinations and attain success.
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Why is relaxation needed?

Complete the assignment, homework, or study work on time to avoid anxiety. Students feel similar anxiousness when students fail to accomplish the study deadlines or feel a lack of time after wasting time on unwanted activities or wandering for fun. There are some more situations where relaxation is highly desired to deal with the anxiety.

Avoid the habit of procrastination in studies

Students start creating trouble for themselves when they tend to postpone today’s work for tomorrow. This habit eventually results in the delayed accomplishment of the deadlines and study targets. When you fail to attain your targets related to studies, then it creates problems for the student. The best way to defeat anxiety in studies is by reducing the habit of procrastination.

Maintaining a Body clock and time management can kill stress

Studying with a target, calmness, concentration, and freshness can do wonders for any student. First, a student should maintain a good body clock for efficiency and productivity in studies to keep the pressure at bay. Although every student can decide their time to study and sleep according to their habits, waking up early and going to bed on time is always recommended. As per the psychiatrists, the hormone of sleep, Melatonin, starts secretion a few hours after the start of the night time and it is unhealthy to stay awake despite the body needing rest.

Sound sleep key for relaxing the body and brain

A healthy mind goes through a healthy body, so do not avoid sleep for studies or any other recreational activity. Going late to bed is not prescribed for good mental and physical health. Experts opine that everyone, including students, should have at least 7-to-8 hours of sound sleep daily. Students should not study or do recreation at the cost of cutting time for rest. The human brain responds much better and is fresh after a sound sleep. Even a nap can relax the body and mind of the student.

Further, maintaining a body clock cycle will also bring discipline to a student’s life, which is very crucial for success in competitive examination preparation. Optimum utilization of the available time in studies and taking out some leisure time are the key to killing anxiety.

Exercise and Yoga can enhance health

Regular exercise keeps the body and mind healthy and reduces anxiety levels so students should imbibe them in their life. For that matter, meditation and Yoga can also be the best medicines to relieve pressure. Practicing Yoga and exercise offers relaxation to the mind and body. Hence, meditation and physical workouts can help improve concentration and productivity in studies and eliminate anxiety.

Eat Healthy for a healthy body and healthy mind

There is a direct link between our food habits and anxiety. Bad food habits can lead to an unhealthy body and mind. The more you consume junk foods, alcohol, and cigarettes, the more you will yield to health ailments. When your body is not fine, it will also affect your mental health, and your studies will suffer. Try to eat home-cooked food instead of junk foods or fast foods. Consume nutritious food for a healthy body and mind.

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