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Follow these 3 tips to Strengthen your performance

Exams are tough – aren’t they?

The major national examinations such as JEE Main, NEET, civil services, 10th and 12th board examinations are right around the corner, we are sure most of you are experiencing a high adrenaline rush. We live in a world, where students tend to identify themselves with their academic achievements, thus giving these examinations a lot of weightage.

Exams are the most dreadful part in a student’s life and we are sure many of you might be going through a last-minute breakdown and this terrible feeling can decrease your productivity. Here are some tips that our experts put down together which will help you in concentrating and scoring better.

Sleeping is the key 

Your sleeping pattern is closely linked to the working of your brain and a tired mind is a slow mind. As a student, remember to give your brain the rest it requires so that it is fully energized to grasp all the learning. Give great importance to your sleeping pattern as it can help you to focus better and improving the quality of life. Inculcate the following in your lifestyle for making sleeping the key.

  1. The 2 PM nap: We understand that the extensive school/Test Preparation hours might be getting you exhausted and your body might require the afternoon nap to energise itself but unfortunately, this nap could be of a great disadvantage to your mental health as it can evaporate your classroom learning by 30- 45%. Remember once you are back home, put down all your learning on a piece of paper so that you can avoid the evaporation of it.
  2. Hydrate yourself: So here’s the deal to avoid this afternoon nap you must hydrate yourself regularly as it will keep you boosted both physically and mentally. You can even add an activity of your choice which will bring change as well as rest to your mind.
  3. The sleep that we need: Last but not the least give your body and mind a sleep of 6-8 hrs. at night so that you are ready to take on the new day.

Revision is vital

Now that your exams are right around the corner, revising could be a big saviour. Begin with dividing your day into two halves. The first half should be kept for learning a new topic because studying a fresh topic in the morning can help you to retain better and faster when compared to the night. Try your best to dedicate the second half completely for revision and remember to revise from the very beginning; it is beneficial for the night as you are refreshing your existing memory and wouldn’t be time-consuming. This division of your day might sound tedious as it could be lifestyle changing but we assure you that this division will create a difference that will be seen.

Let’s note it down

Take out 30 – 45 mins from your precious day to make short notes. Start preparing short notes of all that you learnt in the past 2- 3 yrs. It might sound very puzzling but when once you decipher how and when to do it will become an easy task that will make a difference to a whole new level. The short notes will help you in gaining confidence right before your examination because it will strengthen your revision speed.

We assure you by embedding these simple tips in your daily routine you will definitely see a difference in your concentration ability. Remember not to stress as the clock hasn’t struck twelve, so recharge and refresh yourself to ace it.

We hope that the coin flips in your favour. All the best!



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