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How to become a Topper by Competing with yourself – Know the expert advice

The strong-minded rise when they challenge themselves!

The growing complexity in our life has led to a constant battle in our minds. The word “competition” has raised complexities in millennials’ lifestyle. Most of you are struggling to attain a good score, and adults to attain the luxuries of life. Undoubtedly, competition brings the best out of us.

As a student, you might have many dreams such as cracking NEET or JEE examination and you might go to any extent to fulfill them. During the process of chasing our dreams, we often drift to a path that leads to a rough road. As an aspiring individual, always remember to look into your progress rather than outwardly peeking into other’s achievements. You might find the grass greener on others’ sides but, you should be your best competitor.

Here’s a simple formulation by our experts that would help in making the competition a healthy one and would emphasize on improving your performance.

Expert Formula to Improve Speed & Accuracy  

The exercise needs to be performed daily and to get an actual result you must make sure you do it regularly without fail.

  • Every day, take out 30 to 45 mins from your hectic schedule and devote this time to solve questions.
  • Take a separate notebook to use it solely for this activity.
  • Now make two columns,
  • Label the first column as of questions and the second one as total duration.
  • In the first column, mention the total questions you solved
  • In the second, mention the time taken to solve these questions.
  • Perform this activity for over a week or 10 days and then calculate the average time taken per question.


Average time per question = Total Duration/Total Questions




Subject : Physics
Date No. of question  Duration
1st Oct 10 30
3rd Oct 30 60
5th Oct 10 35
Total 50 125
Time taken Per question = 2.5 min 
* This activity should be carried out differently for every subject.
* Give atleast 30-45 mins at a stretch.
* Carry out this exercise for atleast 5-6 days for calculating the time taken per question.

By doing this simple exercise you would notice that eventually your speed and accuracy have improved. Always remember that there are no strategies that can help you manage your time when the question paper arrives in front of you in the exam hall. But what would make the real difference would be your routine habits. If you incorporate time management and maintain this accuracy, you will walk your way to success with flying colors.

This exercise will help you in realizing the most vital aspect that your competition is against yourself and not against anyone or anything.


Never Forget!! You are your only competitor

Always keep in mind that we should be competing with – “ourselves”. Working on your speed and accuracy can make you confident and help you achieve great success. What truly satisfies a competitive person is a lifelong pursuit to improve by challenging themselves every day in a new way.

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