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Tips for Students: How Can Old Foundations Be Strengthened?

A Solid Foundation for children matters, and a good education precisely anchors that much-needed Foundation for a better future. 

As students and learners, we work hard to understand and absorb the topics we are currently studying. We tend to put our cent percent to prove our proficiencies, but what happens when we jump up to a higher standard. Do we remember everything we studied, or are we left with a blurry understanding?

Prior knowledge from previous courses highly influences student achievements in the present and future.

Like we build a strong foundation of our home to make it strongly last for decades, we must follow the same approach to build a strong future for ourselves by working repetitively to building a solid learning foundation. A strong early learning foundation is the ladder to ensure a Future where we as students and learners can thrive and adapt.

How do we make a strong foundation today when the Foundation is always laid in the past?

Whatever we do today has vast repercussions on our future. Let’s talk about how to work on our past today to secure our future. When we address academic growth, it’s always a step-by-step process; we start from basic understanding and then move on to much-advanced knowledge. But there is an essential aspect that we tend to overlook- the revision of the foundation/ the basic concepts.

It is pretty essential to go back and open up the previous books and pages to work on a more robust foundation for future academic growth.

Parallel Revision is the key to strengthen the Old Foundation.

If you are in class 10th, then revise the syllabus of Class 9th. If in class 11th, revise the syllabus of Class 9th and 10th and so on. This is how the process of strengthening the Foundation works. One must take out 3 to 4 hours every week for this productive activity. One cannot fully discover his/her full potential if one only emphasizes on completing the current year’s set curriculum and content. You have to comprehend your older syllabus too to grow profoundly.

Now the question is- Why should we study back?

A strong foundation is a fundamental building block for a strong career in the future. There are many times students cannot build a solid foundation due to a lack of awareness and guidance. There is an incredible way to strengthen the old Foundation in the present time to secure an excellent career option. The way is by going back to your previous years’ syllabus.

With age, the mind and body of each student grow subsequently and progressively. So when you get older and read your previous syllabus, you gain a new perspective and achieve a better understanding. You will deal with your old syllabus with a much higher maturity, resulting in a much more extensive level of accomplishment. That will ultimately strengthen your previous Foundation, and your memory will have a long-term impression of the topics you read and revised. This method will also benefit you in learning and understanding the topics of your current syllabus.

Never let your academic strength fade!!

A well-rounded education built on a solid and reliable foundation helps students make the most out of their learnings, promoting academic upgradation. When a student establishes the proper Foundation by taking the previous year’s syllabus hand in hand, it results in a lifetime of educational success. We ensure the most outstanding success includes hands-on exploration and timely revision to prepare individuals for the latest learnings. Proper dedication towards exploring the syllabus of previous classes helps young learners thrive and discover their full potential at every step in their academic life and career.

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