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How to Minimize the Harmful Effects of Studying Online through Mobile Phones?

During the Coronavirus lockdown, students are continuing their studies through online mode. More than 75000 students have started Learning at ALLEN Digital Classes. About 80% of the students are using mobile phones for their studies. While using mobile phones students need to keep various factors in mind to minimise its side effects.

Radiation effect by mobile phones

Most of the students keep the mobile phone in their hand while studying. The radiation from mobile phone badly affects the memory, concentration and long term recall in studies. While keeping the mobile in the hand, the radiation falls directly on eyes and face which directly affect the brain.
To reduce its effect students should remember the word SHAKE- Smartphone harms and killer effects. While using the mobile you should shake yourself or take a small break, also keep your mobile at a distance of 1 metre and the height of your eye.

Text Claw

Using a cell phone for too long or too frequently may result in text claw which is pain, soreness in wrist, hands and forearms. Keeping the mobile phone at a distance will help to save yourself from this physical disorder.

Dirt on the mobile phone

Mobile phones carry germs, which are dangerous during coronavirus pandemic. These germs increase over some time. Students should regularly sanitize their mobile phones and avoid overusing of it.

Text Neck

While using a mobile phone usually the posture of the students is not correct. Bending of the neck may cause various disorders in the neck and spine. Using a cell phone for too long may result in Text Neck which in pain in the neck. Text neck is a physical disorder which is caused due to injury in spine, to avoid it students should keep their neck straight while using a mobile phone. Also, students should study on table and chair and strictly avoid while lying on the bed.

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Eye Strain

Prolonged staring at smartphone or laptop screens and scrolling through texts and other media lead to eye strain (computer vision syndrome). To avoid it students must take small breaks while studying online and avoid using cell phones uselessly.

Chronic Tinnitus

Regular and frequent use of mobile phone increases the risk of chronic tinnitus (persistent ringing, roaring, hissing in the ear). This can be caused due to mobile phone addiction. Students should avoid using social media to reduce screen time. Also while studying online they should prepare notes on paper, which will help them in revision.

While studying online through mobile phones, students should keep in mind these factors and try to avoid them by taking the precautions.

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