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Married off at 8, Rupa set to become a doctor breaking stereotypes, Husband & brother-in-law funded her education driving Tempo

A simple village girl who was married off at the age of mere 8 years when she was in just class 3rd, has now become a national inspiration!

NEET Success Story Rupa Yadav from ALLEN
Rupa Yadav at her Village – An Inspiration for Future Doctors

Breaking all stereotypes and fighting all the challenges that came her way, Rupa is now set to become a doctor. A resident of Kareri, a small village in Chomu area of ​​Jaipur, Rupa has obtained 603 marks in NEET-2007 and is now undergoing a counseling process. Based on the marks, she is expecting admission in the state government college.

How she became a National Inspiration

Born on July 5, 1196, Rupa used to study in the village’s school. In the third class, her elder sister Rukma Devi got married and along with her Rupa was married off too. At such a young age when she did not even understand the meaning of it, she was married off to the younger brother Shankarlal (who aged 12 and was reading in class 7th then) of her brother-in-law. Both the sisters were married together in a single family. But her early marriage did not stop her from dreaming big. She managed to continue studying along with doing the daily household chores. She completed her 8th from the government college in her village and then studied till 10th class from a private school nearby.

After my 10th class examinations, I was sent off to in-laws house, even before my result came. I scored 84% in my 10th about which I came to know at my in-laws place. Looking at my good marks, the women in the neighbourhood suggested my family to let me continue my studies. Husband Shankarlal and Jija Ji Babulal Yadav accepted this and got me admitted to a private school, about 6 km from the Village for further studies. Bypassing all social obligations my husband and brother in law undertook the responsibility of my higher studies and started driving Tempo along with farming to make the ends meet. In order to raise the cost of studies, both started planting tempo along with cultivation” reminisced Rupa.

An aspiring Doctor

On being asked how and why did she decided to be a doctor, Rupa said that during her 10th class, her uncle Bhimram Yadav died due to a cardiac arrest in the absence of good medical attention. That is when she decided to become a doctor and take biology after her 10th. After going to her in-laws house, she got admission in the private school but during her 11th class she couldn’t be regular with her school due to her household responsibilities. Talking about the struggle of going to school there, Rupa said “I used to participate in all the household work. My school was 6 Kms away from my village and to reach there I had to reach the station 3 kms away from my village and then from there I used to board a bus for the next 3 kms to reach my school. In 11th, I got 81 percent marks and scored 84% in my class 12th examination. The economic conditions of both of my families were never good. So I took admission in B.Sc. to be able to get inspire award Family. In the same year, I also appeared for AIPMT, where I got 415 marks and 23000 rank.

“Kota, the city of my dreams”

I expressed a wish to study further to my husband. He discussed the same with his elder brother who is also my brother-in-law who took full responsibility of my studies and motivated me to continue working towards my goal. They got me admitted to ALLEN Career Institute in Kota where I continued studying. The environment I got here was very positive and motivating for my studies. The teachers proved to be of great help. After studying for a year at Kota, I reached very close to my goal scoring 506 marks in NEET last year, but couldn’t qualify it. In the next year, family’s financial conditions came in the way of my studies and they were confused on whether to let me continue with my coaching or not. Allen Career Institute then motivated me to continue studying further and waived off 75% of my coaching fee. After working dedicatedly an entire year again, I finally scored 603 marks in NEET and 2283 All India Rank.

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Never lost focus despite of bearing all jeers

Whatever I am today is accredited to my in-laws. In the first year when I wasn’t selected, the villagers started talking negatively to my in laws and asked them to stop teaching me any further saying things like girls are meant to handle the household chores, why are you allowing her to study further etc. Not only did my in-laws ignore all of it, they went ahead and bought buffaloes by borrowing money so that they could earn extra by selling milk to cover the expenses of my studies at Kota, but unfortunately these buffaloes also died in 15 days. Due to this they suffered huge losses but never let me know. Fighting all the adversities, my Husband and Brother in Law became stronger and asked me to keep focusing on my studies and ignore whatever everyone said. They sent me to Kota once again and started doing additional work or running Tempo to fund my education and other expenses in Kota. Here ALLEN waived off my fees and I kept on working hard to acquire my goal.

Childhood Photo of Rupa Yadav & her Husband

Talent of an underprivileged family

Rupa told that her father Maliram Yadav is a farmer. He owns a 13 bigha land and has read up to class 5th. Mother Ramsi Devi Yadav is illiterate. “We are five siblings and I am the youngest. Family is entirely dependent on farming. Similarly, my in-laws are residing in Nimana of Chomu area of ​​Jaipur. Father in law Kanharam Yadav is a farmer. Mother in law Beedani Devi is a housewife. They own about 25 Bigha land which is a bit infertile and can’t be cultivated fully. That is why brother in law and husband run tempo to make the ends meet. Husband Shankarlal has done BA and participates in farming.

From household chores to studies

Rupa said that during the two-year studies in Kota, whenever she went home, she used to fulfill all her household duties. Along with cooking meals in the morning and evening, she even does the dusting and cleaning. Besides, millets were sown in the field, so these days they are working to remove weeds, where even she participates.

 ALLEN to fund her further studies

We at ALLEN, salute Rupa’s and her family’s spirit. When such talents come forward, Kota’s hard work pays off and our purpose gets fulfilled. The success that Rupa has achieved despite her challenging circumstances is an inspiration for all of us. She will continue to get assistance from ALLEN Career Institute and will get a monthly scholarship for four years during the MBBS course.” – Naveen Maheshwari, Director, ALLEN Career Institute

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