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Child Bride Dr. Rupa Yadav Motivated Students at Live Talk Show of BM Sir

ALLEN Presented The Inspiring Tale of Child Bride, Dr. Rupa Yadav in a ‘Live Talk Show of Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari’

Child bride Dr. Rupa Yadav, a student of Allen Career Institute Private Limited, motivated the students on 1 June, Thursday. Dr. Rupa Yadav shared her experiences by participating in ‘BM Sir-Talk Show’. Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari, Chairman.

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ALLEN Career Institute welcomed Dr. Rupa at ALLEN’s Samras Auditorium, Jawahar Nagar, Kota. He asked questions to Rupa who answered in the form of her experience. During this, a large number of students were also present, who interacted with Dr. Rupa and asked questions about her life and career.

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Never Let the Pressure of Society Dominate Her

Rupa told that she never let the pressure of society dominate her. No matter how many adverse circumstances came, but she did not let her spirits down and made her dream come true. Her marriage took place at the age of only 8 years. Amidst the rural environment, the backward thinking of the society, and the responsibilities of her in-laws,

Rupa continued her studies and came to Allen Kota with the dream of becoming a doctor. She worked hard and secured All India Rank 2612 in Medical Entrance Exam NEET in the year 2017. Got admission in Bikaner Medical College and now her MBBS is completed. Now she is preparing for PG.

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What is the Big Thing About MBBS?

Dr. Rupa Yadav told that it is about 9th class. One day the whole family was sitting together. She suddenly said that ‘One of her teacher, who is a MBBS, has arrived to the village.. The family members said that ‘have you gone mad, why any MBBS teacher would come to a village like ours’.

This thing got stuck in her mind that why is MBBS considered a big thing. It was from here that she got the inspiration to become a doctor. One more thing that even though girls are emotional, no one else can accept challenges as much as girls.

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Must Give Good Values to Daughters

On the question of keeping the daughters-in-law tied to kitchen and family responsibilities after marriage, Dr. Rupa said that even if you don’t give a single rupee to daughters in dowry, give them such good values that their life becomes successful automatically and they can get success on their own.

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Rupa said that there is so much power in a human being that he/she can accomplish whatever he/she thinks. There is no such word as impossible. The day you think that I can do this, half the success is already achieved.

Get into the Habit of Setting Goals

Dr. Rupa said that if you want to achieve something in life, first of all make a habit of setting goals. Now set yourself a target to crack NEET UG. The day NEET is cleared, MBBS will become very easy. The things you are worrying about now, after getting success, you will find all those problems very small.

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