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Guidance to Score Well In Maths Class 12th Cbse Term – II, Revision Strategy for Maths to get High Score

Guidance to Score Well In Maths Class 12th Cbse Term – II, Revision Strategy for Maths to get High Score

As the class 12 CBSE Term-II examinations are approaching near, the students are concerned about how to prepare the chapters of Mathematics in minimum time for getting full marks in the Maths.


In this video blog, Sr Faculty, Mathematics, Allen Career Institute, Ajay Gaur Sir is giving an insight into How to prepare the chapter in minimum time for getting full marks during the exam time and how to attempt the question paper.

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Chapter: 7 Integrals

Integral is a big chapter which has exercises and miscellaneous exercises. There should be hold over in integrals for scoring high. There is no need to worry about alternative methods. You can use alternate methods of choice but it should be from the syllabus.

Collect and solve all special types of integrals

 For Example : 
ALLENAll examples and questions of exercise  7.11 and miscellaneous exercise are very important.

Chapter 8 : Application of Integrals

  • Remember the equations of the standard curves like Circles, Parabolas and Ellipses.
  • Attempt the questions with following steps :
    • Step 1 : Calculate the intersection points(if required).
    • Step 2 : Draw the required named figure with intersection points and shaded region.
    • Step 3 : Show the required area with help of only integration.
    • Step 4 : Find the area by using suitable formulae of integration and write the answer in sq. units.

Chapter 9 : Differential Equations

  • Order and degree(if defined) are always positive integers.
  • Order is always defined.
  • Degree is defined when the given differential equation is polynomial in its derivatives.
  • For finding degree, involved derivatives must be made free from radicals and fractions
  • For showing D.E. is homogeneous use :
  • ALEENSteps involved to solve first order linear differential equation.


Chapter 10 : Vector Algebra

Some important points

  1. Condition of collinearity of two vectors and three points.
  2. How to calculate projection of a vector on another vector.
  3. All properties and formulae of DOT and CROSS product.
  4. Miscellaneous examples and exercise are very important.
  5. Give proper presentation with sign of vector


Chapter 11 : Three dimensional Geometry

  • Find the answer in vector form or Cartesian form according to question.
  • Remember standard results regarding Line and Plane and used directly.
  • For Example
  • Miscellaneous examples and exercise are very important.


Chapter 13 : Probability

Important topics  :

  • Independent events
  • Conditional probability
  • Bayes’ theorem(Use formula of Bayes’ theorem, accordingly NCERT Text Book).
  • All miscellaneous examples and miscellaneous exercise are very important.


  1. All-important examples and questions of NCERT text book.
  2. For more practice, use exemplar.
  3. Do previous five year questions.
  4. For ALLEN students, board booklet is more than sufficient.
  5. How to attempt the paper


Section A Section B Section C
2 Marks 3 Marks 4 Marks
No. of question = 6 No. of question = 4 No. of question = 4
Max. time = 30 min. Max. time = 45 min. Max. time = 45 min.


  • Read question paper carefully and tick all the questions whose solutions you know very well and do it on priority and then attempt remaining questions.
  • Attempt each and every question for sure.
  • Give proper presentation according to the need of questions, specially in 3 and 4 marks questions.
  • Do not overwrite if you have any confusion. Rather solve in rough at first, at last page.
  • Read internal choice questions carefully and choose suitable question.




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