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Tips to Score High in English in CBSE Class 12 Term-II

Tips to Score High in English in CBSE Class 12 Term-II

Board exams are a pressure package for students. As soon as we think of Board Exams, a cloud of tension pops up in our mind. How to tackle this pressure has always been the concern of all the parents, teachers and of course, students. Today with increasing competition, exams have become a daily norm yet Board Exams haven’t lost their magnitude as Class XII is a crucial juncture in the life of all the students whereupon rests their future. The result becomes a watershed for them whether good or bad. Therefore, in an attempt to minimize the bad and maximize the good, here’s Dr Tushar Nair Sir, Senior Faculty English, Allen Career Institute with some thumb rules:

Form a proper approach to English

Scoring well in English requires a precise blend of knowledge, memory, coherence, relevance, grammar, and logic. Read all the chapters thoroughly to have a good understanding of the text so that you can answer any sort of question in your language with suitable textual evidence. For the Reading Section practice at least 6 passages, 3 of each type to understand the difficulties you may have to face while attempting the passages e.g. How much time you take to do the passages; average no. of questions you find tricky.

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Attempt as many questions as required for confidence

In Writing Section you have only three varieties i.e. Invitation, Letter, and Report. You should attempt as many questions as required to have confidence. As far as Invitation and Letters are concerned you won’t have to bother much because crammed matter, with slight changes as per the question, can be used in them. The report will test your creative acumen but there too you can heave a sigh of relief as it will be an option with Letter. You can practice writing Reports on different topics and discuss them with your respective teachers to get the necessary input.

Practice Writing Descriptive Answers

The Literature Section is mainly about evaluating your textual knowledge and understanding but is certainly not limited to that. You must remember that the word limit for Short and Long Answers has been increased so you must practice writing descriptive answers that too in a logical, relevant, and coherent manner. You can follow any sequence you are comfortable with, to attempt the paper but remember, the first impression must be very good and the other side is all is well that ends well.

Don’t leave English for the Eleventh Hour

If you haven’t started with English yet. You should begin right now without leaving it for the eleventh hour. You can set aside a certain part of the day at least to improve your writing skills.

Practice the Paper Section-wise for real-time experience

You must remember that only 4 questions in total have been reduced but the time reduced is one hour. Moreover, the length of the answer has been increased so it is better to practice the paper Section-wise first and then full length at a stretch. In this way, you’ll have a real-time experience of the paper and you’ll be able to frame a strategy to overcome the hurdles that come in your way.

Avoid committing Grammar and spelling mistakes

This time CBSE has specifically asked for highly effective style, tone, and vocabulary, however, if you can’t meet the expectation at least avoid committing grammar and spelling mistakes.

Tips to Score High in English in CBSE Class 12 Term-II


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