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Highest Number of Students Selected in IITs this Year are From Rajasthan

A Total of 2184 Students out of 13801 who appeared in JEE Advanced 2022 from Rajasthan got Admission into IITs

Once again, Rajasthan has maintained its lead in sending the highest number of students into IITs, for which Kota coaching is to be credited the most. A total of 2184 students from Rajasthan have made it to the IITs this year which is the highest by any state of the country.

Highest Success Ratio of Admissions in IITs from Rajasthan

Total of 1.6 lakh students was declared qualified for JEE Advanced 2022, of which 16335 students could make it to the IITs. 2184 students are from Rajasthan who have successfully managed a seat for themselves in the IITs. Nearly 13801 students of Rajasthan were declared qualified to appear in JEE Advanced 2022 of whom eventually 2184 got admission in the IITs this year. 

Highest Success Ratio of Selection from Rajasthan

The success ratio of Rajasthan in JEE Advanced 2022 examination was the highest, with every one out of every six aspirants taking JEE Advanced 2022 succeeding in clinching a seat for themself in the IITs. Since 2184 students out of the total qualified 13801 aspirants for JEE Advanced 2022 from Rajasthan got the seat in IITs, the success ratio of Rajasthan is close to around 15.8%. 

Kota Coaching Deserves Credit for the Highest Selections from Rajasthan.

Kota is the biggest coaching hub in the country, so most students flock to Kota for IIT-JEE preparation. Clearly, Kota coaching is behind the highest Number selections of students from Rajasthan. Director of Allen Career Institute, Sh Naveen Maheshwari, said that Kota’s quality education, learning environment, and teaching methodology ensure students’ selection into IITs every year.

Performance of Other States in Getting Seats in IITs

The state, which comes after Rajasthan in sending students to IITs this year, is Uttar Pradesh. A total of 2131 UP students, out of total 22860 JEE Advanced 2022 qualified students of Uttar Pradesh, got seats in the IITs this year. Maharashtra is the third place whose 1747 students got seats in IITs. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are fourth and fifth in the tally of students from where students got seats in IITs with 1644 admissions and 1428 admissions in IITs this year, respectively. 

Source: Times of India

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