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JEE Advanced 2023: Final 15 Days Smart Strategy & Master Plan by BM Sir

Chairman of ALLEN & Also Mentor, Dr. BM Sir Offered Guidance About the JEE Advanced 2023 Examination Which Will be Conducted on 4th June 2023

The JEE Advanced 2023 examination is approaching near as only a fortnight is left before the coveted JEE Advanced 2023 examination. The JEE Advanced students have studied throughout the year and now it is time to engage in Smart Strategy to crack JEE Advanced 2023.

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Here is Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari with his Final 15 Days Smart Strategy for Cracking JEE Advanced 2023

Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari Sir guided students about Smart preparation during the Exam of IIT JEE. He also enlightened students on what aspirants should do in the remaining 14 days and how to revise the subjects and what daily routine they should follow.

  1. Last Day Routine & Sleeping Hours for Last Day Night–Aspirants should go to bed early in night before the examination so that they can wake up fresh on the Exam Day. Aspirant should take proper sleep and should not study at the cost of missing sleep. Sound sleep is essential for rest to brain.
  2. Active Bodyclock-Aspirants should maintain their active bodyclock for ensuring alertness in the examination. Aspirants should practice for the examination with a set time-table so that their body gets acclimatized with the examination.
  3. Light Diet—Aspirants should consume light food on the examination day for activeness during the examination. Heavy food may lead to laziness so aspirants should take light diet.
  4. Don’t attempt the question in haste—Aspirants should carefully read the question and comprehend them for giving its correct answer. Do not attempt the question in a hurry and excitement. Also aspirant should not stick on any question, and waste their precious time and effort.
  5. 5 Attempt paragraph questions and listing questions properly—Aspirants should attempt the paragraph questions and listing questions properly during the examination as they may have tricky answers. Aspirants should study the complete paragraph instead of rushing for the answers.
  6. Time management and space management—Aspirants should attempt paper with proper time management. Also, aspirants should do written calculation instead of oral calculation. Aspirants should try to make optimum utilization of the space on rough paper provided for calculations.
  7. Read marking scheme carefully—Aspirants should read the marking scheme of the examination before attempting the questions. Marking scheme awareness helps in scoring better.
  8. How to utilize the gap between 2 papers of JEE-Advanced Aspirants should not take residue of the Paper-1 in their brain for the Paper-2 as if the Paper-1 is not attempted nicely then its pressure could hamper the performance of the aspirant in the Paper-2. Aspirants either should take a power nap in the 2.30 hour long interval between Paper-1 and Paper-2 or should revise with the positive intent. Aspirants should not revise for Paper-2 with a pressure in mind.
  9. Stay Calm and composed during Examination–Aspirants could face the pressure situation in exam hall but they should stay calm and confident in examinational hall and don’t get panicked in any situation. There may be technical problems in exam hall so aspirant should stay attentive and alert.
  10. Efforts to avert Silly mistakes—Aspirants should prepare a self-mirror of silly mistakes for self-analysis. Aspirants should do revision of the silly mistakes in the last days to avert silly mistakes in the examination.
  11. Revise the previous year’s Question Papers—Aspirants should revise the previous year question papers in the remaining days because question framer pick the questions and its pattern from the previous year question papers.
  12. Take it easy, make it easy approach—Attempt the questions with fresh approach and should not rethink after locking the correct answer. Many a times, aspirant rethink about the answer even after finding the right answer. This practice of rethinking should be discouraged for averting loss of marks.
  13. Don’t focus on cramming—Do not prepare for JEE Advanced with cramming and instead apply thought process for solving questions.

Students All The Best for Success in the Coming JEE Advanced 2023 Examination.

Watch the Live Session Here – JEE Advanced 2023 | Final 15 Days Smart Strategy | Master Plan by BM Sir


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