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JEE Main 2019 Result | Here is the complete information you should know


NTA has conducted the JEE (Main) examinations on multiple dates and in two sessions per day.

The first Examination was conducted from 8th to 12th January 2019 in two shifts, in which, a total number of 9,29,198 Candidates were registered for Paper –I (B.E/B.Tech) out of which 8,74,469 Candidates appeared. The second JEE (Main) Examination was conducted on 7th to 10th and 12th April 2019. Paper-1 (for BE. /B Tech) was conducted in 4 days & 8 shifts. Out of 9,35,755 Candidates registered for JEE (Main) April-2019 Examination for Paper-I, 8,81,096 Candidates appeared.

Therefore, Normalization procedure based on percentile, which was recommended by experts from IITs, ISI, NITs and AIIMS, was adopted for compiling the NTA scores for multi session papers so that candidates are neither benefitted nor disadvantaged due to different question papers used in the examination.

The Percentile Scores have been calculated up to 7 decimal places to avoid bunching effect and reduce ties.

The Percentile score of a particular Candidate has been calculated as follows:


100 X (Number of candidates appeared in the “Session” with raw score EQUAL TO OR LESS than that particular candidate) Total number of the candidates appeared in the ‟Session”

Allocation of days and shifts to candidates were done randomly, so that each session has approximately equal number of candidates. This ensured that there was no bias in the distribution of candidates who took the examination. Further, with a large population of examinees spread over the entire country the possibility of such bias becomes remote.

Preparation of Results for each Session

The examination results for each of the 16 sessions was prepared in the form of

  • Raw Scores
  • Percentiles Scores, separately for each of the three subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) and the Total.

The following four Percentiles were calculated for each candidate in the Session:

Total Percentile based on total raw marks, Mathematics Percentile based on Mathematics raw marks, Physics Percentile based on Physics raw marks, Chemistry Percentile based on Chemistry raw marks:

Compilation of NTA score and Preparation of Overall Merit/Rank List

The Percentile of all 16 sessions were calculated separately for the Total raw score and the raw scores in three subjects (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry). The Percentile scores for the Total Raw Score for all the 16 sessions were merged (called the NTA scores) by taking better of the two scores (if available) in total percentile score for a candidate. These percentile scores were then used for compilation of result and preparation of overall Merit List / Ranking. To resolve tie between candidates, priority has been given in following order:


  • Higher Percentile score in Mathematics
  • Higher Percentile score in Physics
  • Higher Percentile score in Chemistry
  • Candidates older in age.

The Final Ranking/ Merit has been prepared after resolving ties.

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