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JEE Main Strategy: Perfect Time-Table for Success

Aspirants Should Also Focus on the Practice of CBT Pattern

Every JEE Main aspirant is concerned about what to study, what to revise, & what routine to adopt in the last days before JEE Main 2023? Here are some strategy tips.

Aspirants Should Practice CBT Pattern

Many JEE Main 2022 aspirants had faced problems of power failure and computer system nag while attempting the examination in Computer based Test (CBT) Mode. So the JEE Main 2023 aspirants should learn from the mistakes of JEE Main 2022 aspirants and practice the CBT mode test to avoid awkward moments and discrepancies while taking examinations in CBT mode.

Students Should Take a Shorter Duration for JEE Main Exam Preparation Positively

Since there will be a shorter duration between the JEE Main 2022 and JEE Main 2023 examinations, many aspirants may feel nervous about getting less time for JEE Main 2023 preparation. Aspirants should take a shorter preparation duration positively. More preparation duration for JEE Main examination could have exhausted the aspirants. Also, aspirants tend to lose focus for a longer duration, while a shorter preparation duration always helps in keeping the concentration of the aspirants intact.

Always live in Present

Aspirants should always go with their childish instincts instead of bothering about the past or future. Aspirants should stay in the present for better preparation of JEE Main.

Focus on NCERT for JEE Main Success

Since NTA conducts JEE Main, and NTA is affiliated with the CBSE, whose course is NCERT-based, aspirants should consider NCERT as a textbook. The aspirant should focus on NCERT, particularly for Chemistry. If the aspirant is weak in any chapter, he should practice the previous years’ question papers or read such a chapter of NCERT. Practice past year question papers to build self-confidence, which is crucial in cracking JEE Main.

Practice Mock Tests in JEE-Main-Like Environs

Since JEE Advanced takes place in 2 shifts; from 9 am to 12 pm & 3 pm to 6 pm, aspirants should attempt mock tests at their homes in these 2 session timings for better practice of JEE exam sitting. Since laziness looms large in the afternoon, more practice of mock tests from 3 to 6 in the noon should be done for practice. Create an examination center-like feel environment at home. Get free from your nature calls before appearing for mock tests for 3 hours at home to practice for examination sitting.

Revise Old Mistakes First

Aspirants should give priority to previous mistakes before attempting the mock test. New mistakes are also a treasure before the actual JEE Main paper as it brings focus to such questions. Also, do a detailed analysis of the attempted mock test paper.

How To Prioritize Questions

Every question paper of each subject is divided into sections A & section B. While in section A, there will be single answer-based 20 questions with no choices; there are numerical value-based questions in Section B of the question paper. There will be 10 questions, of which the aspirant will have to attempt only 5 questions of their choice.  The aspirant should attempt their best 5 questions they think they are in command of since the first five questions will be considered for scoring. Aspirants should not expect to reschedule exams. JEE Main Session

Attempt Mock Test at Home to Eliminate Exam Fear

To overcome the exam fear, aspirants should attempt mock tests at their homes daily. The practice of the questions will lead to perfection and eliminate the examination fear.

Routine for Best Results In JEE Main

Aspirants should take a heavy breakfast, normal lunch, and light dinner. Since the summer season has arrived, aspirants should take more liquids, including water, juices, etc. Every aspirant should practice mock tests, go to bed with satisfaction, and wake up with determination to prepare for JEE Main 2023.

JEE Main 2023 Important Guidance & Tips | Droppers के लिए Best Advice by BM Sir

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