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NCERT Revision Plan for JEE Main 2020 – Revision Strategy for JEE Main (January Attempt) by ALLEN Experts

Joint entrance examination (JEE) is the most prestigious engineering entrance examination and what makes it even more important is that it’s the gateway to the best technical colleges in the country. In a country that is obsessed with technical studies, gives JEE an edge and makes it the paramount of college admission examination.

NCERT- A Topper’s Choice

In an examination that is taken by over 12 lakh students, makes it a challenging and stressful one. All the aspirants appearing for this paper should keep it in mind that there are plenty of books and coaching notes available but the one which is been trusted over the years is the NCERT. It is considered the most authentic and thus gives it an upper hand over the other reference books and notes.

Now that you are only a month from the examination, the NCERT plays a crucial role in aiding the revision. One must go through the following points to make the best use of NCERT

Solve The Solved Examples

As an aspirant, you must make sure that you do not ignore the solved questions that are given in the NCERT for all the subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The solved examples are important as every year 2-3 questions come exactly the same as the solved questions.

Make sure while you are revising, make short notes of all the solved examples as it can help you in re-capping in the last hour. Some students might feel that just for 2-3 questions why should they do the hard work of studying the NCERT, but you must remember that the entire question paper is based on NCERT and everything that is asked is mentioned in the book.

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This book can moreover help you in striking a balance between your board examination and JEE examination. NCERT can help you in the last minute revision of both the papers. So make sure you treat the book with high importance especially in this hour.

Fact-Based Questions

Just like the solved examples, every year 2-3 fact-based questions are asked in the examination especially in Physics and Chemistry. Most of the students tend to ignore these questions, but they should be considered important because they are easy and will help you fetching the marks right away.

Note: You do not have to focus on the sequence of events or dates of the invention as it is not a history paper. You must do it from the exam point of view and focus on facts like:

  • In chemistry, you can go through compound reagent
  • In Physics you must know the material and quantitative analysis

Lastly, no fact-based question will be out of the NCERT. So while revising highlight all the facts and go through them when you are 2-3 days away from the paper.

The above-mentioned tips can easily help you in answering 5-6 questions from each subject and most importantly will help you in boosting your confidence. So, Revise the NCERT thoroughly and properly. In the end, do not stress much as it will only affect your studies and nothing more. Put in all that you have as you are only a mile away from achieving your dreams.

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