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JEE Main 2024 – Know How to Crack Mathematics Exam

This Is Mathematics, First Understand Then Solve The Question, Otherwise Time Will Get Wasted

JEE Main 2024 - Know How to Crack Mathematics Exam

Low score in mathematics Exam is a common problem of all students, so do not blame yourself. The national average score in Mathematics Exam is usually the lowest of the three subjects. JEE-Main exams are tough in terms of content and time allocation. We have to keep in mind that practice is necessary in Maths.


There are some topics from which a good number of questions are asked every year and it is relatively easy to score marks in topics like Quadric Equations, Differential Equations, Vectors, Area under Curve, and Variance.

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Questions From These Topics Will Not Be Visible This Time

Equation of Planes from 3-D, Mathematical Reasoning, Binomial Probability Distribution, Determinant Simplification, Binomial Co-Efficient Properties, Triangle Inequalities on Complex Numbers, Mathematical Induction, AGT (Arithmetic Geometric Progression), Roles and IMVT, Integration of Limits of Infinite Sum, Angle Bisector of Straight Lines, Tangent and Normal, Trigonometric Equations topics have been removed from the syllabus this year. None of the questions from these topics will be asked in JEE-Main Exam.

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Give the Highest Priority To Notes

Give the highest priority to your class notes and focus on them. Once you have completed this, move on to other study materials like sheets. Avoid attempting very difficult problems and give full-time papers to keep time management organized during the exam. If you are not able to complete the paper then just focus on easy and moderate problems and solve them and even then you can get your desired rank based on your preparation and ability.

Remember, if you score around 200 marks you will be able to get in the top 10 thousand ranks, for which you need to solve only 50 questions out of 90, and to qualify for JEE Advanced Exam you need to answer around 15 questions correctly out of 90 Questions.

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Understand The Question First

It is very common in mathematics Exam that students start solving questions as soon as they read them. Instead of doing this, after reading the question, first try to think of its solution rather than starting to solve it only to find later that you are stuck. This will help you choose easy and moderate problems.

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Always Keep The Target In Mind

Remember that you don’t have to answer all the questions. Solve questions according to your target. Attempt less number of questions so that you can spend time with the problems which can reduce the chances of mistakes.

ALLEN DLP JEE Main + Advanced 2023-24

Do calculations on paper and in your mind. Manage your difficult work well. A student who has the habit of sitting continuously for 3 hours is less likely to make mistakes, so study by increasing your sitting time. Take seven hours of sleep daily but not in air tight room.

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