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Anna Hazare in a Motivational Session gave success mantras to the students of Allen Career Institute

Anna Hazare the eminent social activist motivated students at Allen Career Institute. Anna interacted with the students of Allen Kota Coaching on February 23, 2018.   It was an honour for the students and employees to hear him. The session “Aao Jagen Kal ke Liye” was organized in Sauhard Sabhagar Parisar at Allen Career Institute.

                      Anna Hazare in a motivational session at  Allen Career Institute,Kota

Addressing the students he said that it is our responsibility to work towards the betterment of our nation. This action is needed to be performed as a job by each one of us. Performing duties towards the nation is the responsibility of a citizen towards his/her nation. The nation is our temple and humanity should be worshipped just like god. Directors of Allen Career Institute welcomed Anna Hazare and the program started with the lighting of a lamp.

Anna Hazare –the man who led several movements and also fought for Lokpal bill said that he had different thinking in his childhood.  He had several questions related to life. At the age of 25 when he started reading Books of Vivekananda, he got the answers to the questions and also learned about the purpose of this life. Today the whole nation is his family and it is the pleasure derived from working towards the society that keeps him energetic and motivated at the age of 80.



He also said that “I have managed to lead a life without any accusations which have helped me to lead the fight against corruption. After the successful introduction of the right to information, 6 ministers and about 400 activists had to give up their positions.” He further added that Kota is famous in the entire country as thousands of students visit every year to become successful engineers and doctors. Morals and ethics are the basic foundation of these students and they should work while keeping in mind, the betterment of society.Anna Hazare told the students about 5 success mantras. A person should have positive behaviour, positive thoughts, good character, forgiving and sacrificing nature.


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