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Last Day Strategy for JEE Advanced 2020

JEE Advanced 2020 is to be held on September 27, 2020 and like every year, this year too there will be a lot of mystery around the paper in regards to the pattern and the question types.

Nevertheless, to ensure that your preparation for the exam stands excellent and there’s no room left for any confusion whatsoever, Ashish Arora Sir, Academic Mentor, ALLEN Career Institute has shared some very useful last day strategy tips for JEE Advanced 2020.

Ashish sir states that JEE Advanced is not a game of speed and time but is more about game of brain, IQ and your presence of time. To boost your rank in the coveted exam, you must take note of the following tips.

Don’t Get Trapped

Don’t get trapped in the questions. The trapping usually occurs because of interpretation, long calculations, and new or unknown situations. If you feel that any question in the paper falls in the three brackets of trapping, don’t waste your time on it. Leave that question and proceed ahead. Do any of the subject first but be prepared mentally and understand that there are chances to have one or two trapping-based questions. And the best way to not lose your confidence by solving them incorrectly is to leave them and go to the next question.

100% is Not Necessary

Your zeal of achieving 100% in the paper will not be beneficial. If you aren’t able to solve one or two questions, you might get depressed and this will affect the rest of the paper. Don’t take the paper with a mindset of achieving 100%, just keep your mind balanced and focused.

Recharge Your Brain

You need to keep your mind controlled and balanced before appearing for the JEE Advanced 2020. And to do so, proper sleep for 7-9 hours today is very important. Stop studying after sunset and relax your mind. Take rest between Paper 1 and Paper 2 and don’t think of Paper 1 when going for Paper 2, avoid any discussion with friends regarding Paper 1. Just stay relaxed.

Must Watch

You must have a strong presence of mind when appearing for the JEE Advanced 2020, under no circumstances should you feel depressed. Give your best performance and utilize the 3 hours to your maximum capability. Success is achieved only when you who don’t give up and continue giving your full efforts till you reach the finish line. For JEE Advanced you need to follow the same policy.

We wish you good luck for JEE Advanced 2020 exam!

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