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Major Singh, who lost a leg in Kargil has given the new strength to the students

Major Devendra Pal Singh
He said to the coaching students during seminar, “Kota has future of country. To deal with challenges visualize you. Where is your inclination, go ahead and take care of it.

A 42 year old daring Major Devendra Pal Singh , severely wounded in Kargil war and despite losing the right leg in the war, again spreading new strength to millions of young people. On Tuesday, in a motivational seminar at Satyarth Parisar of ALLEN Jawahar Nagar, Kota, Major said to the students, “I want to do a lot in army but about one and half year ago, in 1999 Kargil War, while battling with enemies got severely injured.

Visited for the first time in Kota, Major Singh stated that quality of life cannot get in a day, so students here one to two years working hard for national entrance exams and taking quality education. They have passion. Only recognize the area where your interests or inclination is and go ahead in the same direction. First keep your body healthy, and then mind. It releases the hormones which gives positive energy. Pick a friend of your own and share your problems with him/her.

Major DP Singh Addressing ALLEN studentsRetd. Captain, Gurinder Virk, Co-founder and President, NGO Rays “Asha Ki Ek Kiran” said, “There are many career options available other than engineering and medical, so live life with complete enthusiasm.” Directors of ALLEN Career Institute, Shri Govind Maheshwari & Shri Naveen Maheshwari has presented a cheque of Rs. 1, 11,111 for his campaign. He motivated students for goodness while giving autograph to the good number of students.

Author of Group ‘The Challenging Ones’

In 2013, with a prosthetic leg he ran 21 km in 2 hrs and 10 minutes in marathon race and made a new record. Five years ago, he created the group ‘The Challenging Ones’ (TCO) in order to enable others to deal with challenges. Till time he has made competent over 900 divine bodies of the country. Among them, 100 have participated in different race events. He has participated in 18 marathon race in the country and earned an honor of marathon runner with prosthetic leg. Canada government presented a Karmveer Global Fellowship to Major Singh, who was crowned 3 times in a limca book of records.

Appointed as a Member in the Committee of the Ministry of Defence

Indian brand ambassador of Wings for Life in International Red Bull Company, Major Singh taking motivational sessions in key companies and motivating all to move forward. Recently, he is appointed as a Member in the Committee of the Ministry of Defence for improving the lives of soldiers.

Life motivated me

While talking with the students he said that I got a lifeline in Kargil. Life has motivated me. Concerning depression he said, “Learn to identify how much good or bad we are feeding within our mind. Check your attitude towards global village. Our whole life is not merely limited to engineering or medical.

Major DP Singh

Shweta: Sometimes we undermine ourselves. How to get rid of this?

Ans: You have performed well many times too, look at that. Do hard work. Your thinking will become your strength.

Tanu Sharma: We do hard work, but how do we concentrate.

Ans: Your mind will be stornger with practice. Don’t dishearten. Put it over your exams.

Rajat Singh Patel: What to do in case of depression during studies?

Ans: You need to prove yourself for you only, not for others. My all dreams were broken in 1.5 years. I run for myself and now I am on new heights.

Deepak Agrawal: How to maintain will power, after 5 days of motivation.

Ans. don’t let bad to overpower good. Always start from zero. Practice daily. Take a break and work on your emotional aspects.

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