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NEET UG II 2016 Paper Analysis, prepared by ALLEN Pre-Medical Faculties

NEET UG II 2016 was held on 24th July, Sunday all across the nation. NEET 2016 Phase 2 is the second phase of the NEET test, in which mostly saw the participation from the students who had previously either opted for state or private medical entrance tests and even those who were not confident about their NEET Phase 1 (Previously AIPMT 2016) test.

The paper was majorly on the lines of the AIPMT (NEET-1) conducted in May this year. And candidates who used NCERT and other reference books in their preparation for NEET-1 will likely score well in the Phase 2 of the exam.

ALLEN Career Institute has prepared the Answer Key, Paper Solutions, Video Solutions and Paper Analysis for the same.

NEET UG II 2016 Paper Analysis

NEET UG II 2016 The JEE Advanced 2016 contained 3 subjects Biology, Physics, Chemistry where the Biology consisted of 2 sections Botany and Zoology with a total of 180 questions, out of which 90 questions were asked in the Biology (60 in Botany and 30 in Zoology), 45 each in Chemistry and Physics. Each question carries 4 marks and as the negative marking will apply, the wrong response would result in minus 1 mark.

BOTONY Paper Analysis

The Botany Section consisted of 30 questions of the average difficulty level (50%), 21 questions with high difficulty (35%) and 9 were easy (15%). 13 questions were asked from the topic Genetics and Biotechnology followed by 11 questions from Ecology.

To talk about the class wise distribution of questions, the paper had a fair share of questions (50% each) from class 11th and 12th Level Syllabus.

neet-II-2016-botany paper analysisZOOLOGY Paper Analysis

Zoology had 30 questions in totality and was mostly easy. 7 questions were asked with high difficulty level (23%), 11 with average difficulty (37%) and the rest 12 were easier to solve (40%).  Out of the 30 questions in this section, 12 were from the topic Human Physiology alone.

53% of the section was covered by the questions of 11th class level and the rest 47% was from the 12th level.

neet-zoology paper analysisCHEMISTRY Paper Analysis

The Chemistry section was way easier to appear as only 4 questions were asked with high difficulty level (9%), 23 belonged to the moderate level (51%) and the rest 18 (40%) were very easy to solve. 51% of the paper was from the 12th class level syllabus and 49% was from 11th class syllabus.

10 questions out of the total of 45 questions in this section belonged to the 12th class Physical Chemistry, followed by 9 questions from 11th class Organic Chemistry and 7 each from the Physical Chemistry of 11th and 12th Class syllabus.

neet-chemistry-paper analysis

PHYSICS Paper Analysis

In Physics, the major share of the paper was covered by the questions with very easy level. 24 questions (54%) out of the 45 were easier to solve against 15 questions (33%) from moderate level and only 6 questions (13%) were difficult to solve.

neet-physics paper analysisJust like the Chemistry Section, this section too consisted of the 49% 11th class syllabus and 51% syllabus of the 12th Class. The topics given most weightage in this section were Mechanics from which 12 questions were asked, followed by Electrodynamics with 11 questions in the paper.


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