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Preparation Strategy for NEET (UG) 2020 as per the New Exam Dates

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the two things that every student is worried about is their delayed academic plans and the uncertainty of the examinations. And it’s tough to paint a clear picture of what to do next, as everything seems a little overwhelming at this juncture. The postponement of NEET (UG) 2020 came with a different set of concerns for the aspirants. First, in which direction should their preparation go? Second, how to utilize this extra time that they have in their hands, most optimally. 

If you’re perplexed and don’t know how to restart your NEET (UG) 2020 Preparations. Then don’t worry, because you’re not alone.

It’s true; there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. And propagating one practical preparation strategy is a challenge because every student is unique. However, Allen Experts have assorted a series of effective preparation strategies that will help you aspire to your goal and create a motivational environment for studying. 

There is one GOLDEN RULE for every student- Be persistent!

We know that you have been preparing for such a long time and were determined to fight the examination if the present situation didn’t prevail. All the hard work that you have put in is not wasted. Think of this as a new beginning. And if we look at the silver lining, we know when the exam will happen next, and now you have this extra time in hand to polish yourself.

 More the Time, Merrier should be the preparation

 Remember, your competitors are the same, the syllabus is the same. But with this extra time, you have to be better prepared. Cause all your competitors have this same time, and they are going to get diligent about their preparations. Avoid procrastinating or pausing your education, and work on getting better equipped.  

 It’s time for a study plan schedule that works! 

This succinct strategy will help tackle the obstacles and give you a sense of confidence. Below is a step-by-step approach to help you identify your weaknesses, how to work on your strengths. It will help you systematically cover all the areas that will influence your performance in NEET 2020. 

All you have to worry about is preparing the three subjects- Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in a set time frame of two months. There are approximately 100 chapters if we combine all the three subjects. 

 Your goal is to study, practice and revise “100 Chapters in 2 Months”.


 Devote the first two days in Conducting Self-Analysis

Self-Analysis is essential; you should assess your strengths and areas that need further development. Ensure that your self-analysis focuses on how much you have achieved and which subject and topics need extra focus. Find the questions that consume the most time while solving, find out your trouble areas in each subject, and then discover a way to work on them. Make a list of topics that you tend to forget so that you can keep on revising them. This way, you’ll be well-armed, and will be able to recapitulate everything. 

 You have around two months your NEET 2020 Examination

After anticipating your challenges, you need to divide this period of two months in two parts:

 In the 1st Month: Study Conceptually

As there are 30 days in a month, you can study around 3 to 4 chapters every day. Work on strengthening your concepts as you need a solid foundation, so that you do not collapse latter. Your theories and concepts should be so strong that you can understand even the trickiest question in the examination.


In the 2nd Month: Revise and Shine

In the second Month, give ‘Combined Tests’ for all the subjects. Try giving a ‘Full Syllabus Test’ on every alternate day and analyze each test that you give. Remember, during this time, concentrate on being persistent in giving tests and do their assessment.

 Last 4-5 days of the 2nd Month

In the last 4 to 5 days, you should pick up your short notes and the list of formulas that you might have prepared or got from your institute. And be confident and motivated. You have to find ways to motivate yourself, as the real motivator you need right now is you itself. We know that you have already been waiting for far too long this year. And in this situation, it might be getting difficult for you to focus. But do not concentrate on the things that you can’t control. 

 Recognize the infinite capabilities of human will-power. Get up quickly, take action, and achieve your goals!

Some tips to keep the continuity during the pandemic

Study enough, but not to the point of exhaustion: A pivotal mantra that is to “Stay healthy- Mentally and Physically”.

Create a study schedule, and try to follow it closely: Create a schedule that covers different topics from all three subjects daily. 

 Don’t overthink and stay away from negativity: Do not get influenced by people, who tend to spread negativity and hopelessness.

 There is no preparation without mental preparedness: Maintain your mental health throughout the preparation, keep doing something recreational and rejuvenating. Try not to stress out often and master being patient. As the final examination will judge your knowledge and patience simultaneously. 

 Follow The Student’s Guide to Nutrition: Take a nutritious and balanced diet, intake all the vitamins and minerals. Work on your strengthening your immunity, it has to be stronger than ever. 


 Being optimistic and having a sorted study schedule in your hand will help you achieve new milestones in life.


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