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Significance of practicing mindfulness for the students

Students can tackle such anxiety or stress with the help of mindfulness.

Anxiety or stress is an integral part of strenuous work including studies. When students strive for better results in their studies, they several times find themselves amid anxiety.

Mindfulness is the state of mind whereby the awareness of the individual about the present moment increases and the mind remains cheerful and calm.

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There are several practices of mindfulness which can prove to be helpful for the students for success in their studies. Here are some practices for mindfulness—

  1. Yoga – India is the home to Yoga and it is the best practice of mindfulness. There are several Yoga exercises that can control mood swings and reduce stress. Yoga exercises are proven to be augmenting concentration which is key for students. Pranayam and meditation help to activate the brain. Yoga exercises also keep students away from health ailments and bring freshness into their mood. There are also several health benefits of Yoga. It also helps to gain control over thoughts and keep negative thoughts at bay.
  1. Music – Music is the best medicine for the brain. Listening to soothing music brings peace to the mind. Pleasant music creates a positive mood and relieves stress. Hearing your favorite number can make you upbeat and mindful. Playing instrumental music during meditation enhances its efficacy. Music leads to the secretion of happy hormones.
  1. Deep Breathe – You must have heard a lot of time to take deep breaths when you are anxious or feeling restless. Yes, indeed taking deep breaths even in normal times can render a calming effect on the mind. Breathing slowly, long and deep can help increase concentration and also eliminate negativity. Focus on the breath while doing breathing exercises activates the brain and makes you active. Also, breathe with your belly instead of the chest as the former is a far better exercise.
  1. Walk – There is a famous saying that those who walk daily have a long life. A walk can detach you if you are stuck somewhere or puzzled. Just take the route to a park and walk in the natural surroundings to have a calming impact on the brain. The more you walk in the green surroundings, the better you will feel.
  2. Sports – Everyone should have a sports hobby for better mental and physical health. Engagement in sports is also one of the best mindfulness activities. Sports create positivity and physical activity during sports enhances mood and physical health.
  3. Colouring Book – Researches have found that drawing and coloring the coloring book leaves a positive impact on mental health. Drawing and coloring like a child on a drawing sheet or coloring book can help a person kill all sorts of negative thoughts. Also coloring the book also ensures the connection of the person with the present moment.

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