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Success Story of Pradeep, an ALLEN Student and Paratha Vendor’s Son who achieved his dream to study in NIT

– Scored 97.20 percentile score in JEE-Main 2019

– To support his father, Pradeep went to make Parathas every day

– Rental room was small, so had to do self-study at the Institute

If the goal is clear and the intentions are strong, then nothing is impossible. No matter how difficult may be the situation, you will always get success. An example of this perseverance is Kota’s resident, Pradeep Rathore, a student of Allen Career Institute. Having achieved 97.20 percentile NTA score in JEE-Main, Pradeep has achieved his dream of doing Btech in Computer Science from NIT. In JEE Main, Pradeep has achieved 31,554 Overall Rank and Category Rank 7640.

Pradeep’s journey of reaching this destination has been a very difficult one. Basically, Pradeep along with family lives in a rented house in Mahaveer Nagar area of Kota. Nand Kishore Rathore, Pradeep’s father is an autorickshaw driver by the day and sells hot parathas in the Mahavir Nagar area in the evening. He completed his 12th from Rajasthan Board Hindi medium and received 89 percent marks. After this, he applied for admission to Allen Career Institute. After talking to Pradeep and his father, and learning about their economic condition, director Naveen Maheshwari gave 75 percent concession in the fees to Pradeep. After this, Pradeep studied with his full determination and proved himself. Mother Manju Rathore is a housewife and helps his father while younger brother Kaushal Rathore is in the 12th standard.

Goes to the stall every day

Pradeep always tries to help his father. About a year and a half ago, Pradeep’s father used to sell sugarcane juice. Then even during his boards, Pradeep used to go to the stall. When Pradeep’s coaching started, the machine broke down three times in the same season, which caused economic hardships and thus, his father started the work of making parathas instead of sugarcane. Even then Pradeep went to the stall late at night to help his father. This routine is still being followed.

Self-Study at ALLEN Campus

Pradeep told that due to the rented house, there were not many facilities. If his younger brother watched television or somebody nearby made any kind of noise, he could not study properly. Due to such problems, he started self-study at Allen itself. He used to come to Allen at 7 in the morning. Here, he studied in any of the vacant classes, then went home for lunch at 12 o’clock, and came back and attended his coaching classes in the afternoon. Even after one hour of self-study at night, at 10 o’clock went straight to the father’s stall. After finishing the work there, goes home at 12 o’clock. While not having a class on Sunday, he used to study in the self-study area.

Father’s Accident Before Examination

Pradeep revealed that he faced challenges at every step. JEE-Main was to be held in January and Papa’s auto met with an accident the same month. There was an injury in the spinal cord and fracture in the leg. Papa remained on the bed for three months. During this time, the examination was held. In JEE Main 2019 January, Pradeep secured 96 Percentile NTA score. The stall was also shut, so borrowed money from here-there to run the family. When papa started walking, he started the shop again, while Pradeep used to bring stuff by auto and do all other work. After this, his mother also started coming to the trunk.

Want to build his own house

Pradeep said that now I want to study computer science from NIT and want to build a house for Papa-mummy because they have not built a house yet because of our studies. Even if someone nudged them, they said our children will study and build us a house. Pradeep wants to do a job after completing his Btech.

Pradeep is an example for those students who think about the circumstances. Allen Career Institute is always ready to bring forward such talent. We hope that Pradeep will fulfill every wish of his parents. Best wishes for a bright future.Naveen Maheshwari, Director, Allen Career Institute

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