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This Children’s Day get inspired by these Child Prodigies

Every child is different and yet they share a common message – A zest for life.

Many times, we find ourselves rewinding our life and going down the memory lane to those moments when we were children and it is simply because we truly enjoyed that phase of life in every aspect. While we are busy adapting to adulthood, it is never a bad idea to learn from our little ones.

Today most of us talk about the importance that an adult plays in a child’s life but what we forget is that the vice versa of it also stands true. And a Baby is a true example of it, it is amazing to observe how they always keeps trying and eventually this helps them to rise above their failure be it at walking, learning or pronouncing a new word and this zeal of theirs is amazing.

So here’s a list of children that will prove that age is just a number.

TILAK MEHTA – A 14-year-old entrepreneur from the city of dreams 

Tilak Mehta is like any other child. But what makes him different is his Mumbai based logistic start-up. And what sparked the idea in him was that he needed some books from the other end of the city but however he was unable to get them as his father came back late from the office and was tired. Thus this small incident brought in a life-changing idea of having a start-up for delivering papers and small parcel within the megapolis in 24 hrs.

Papers and parcel (PNP) uses a mobile application and has over 200 employees of its own and 300 Dabbawala partners, through which they are handling up to 1,200 deliveries daily. What makes this interesting is how this small boy sold his idea to a banker and convinced him to quit the job.

SPARSH SHAH – 16-Year-Old Prodigy, born with 40 Fractures

Sparsh Shah is a multi-talented child. He performs at community events, he has memorized 250 digits of Pi and spelled the 12 longest words in English dictionary In less than 18 seconds, currently, he speaks in four different accents in English, he’s a writer and a music composer.

We are sure this has got you to thinking how a 16-year-old can do so much. Well, but what makes this story different is that he is a child suffering from a condition that makes his bones extremely fragile and brittle – so brittle that even a handshake can break his bones. But irrespective of the odds Sparsh participated in and won the famous talent completion called – Young Voice (New York). Not just that he sang the Indian national anthem in front of PM Modi, US President Donald Trump, and an audience of nearly 50,000 at the sprawling NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Today this boy irrespective of his 125 fractures in the last 16 years has managed to compose 10 songs all by himself, and thus giving us a very important message that no matter what situation you have in life, never limit yourself!

JANHAVI PANWAR – A 15-year-old village girl who delivered a motivational speech to IAS officers 

Born to a government teacher and a homemaker, Janhavi does not only have an exceptional academic record but has also mastered 8 languages. According to her father, she was genius by birth, at the age of three instead of been in the nursery she was directly admitted in Senior KG. Moreover, as years passed, the school management realised Janhavi’s potential by looking at her scores, and she was given special permission to clear two classes in the same year.

Today, Janhavi can speak several accents including British, American, Posh, Scottish, Australian etc. “She has even read the Bhagavad Gita in English. If you were to ask her to recite what happened in any particular chapter, she would narrate it to you in detail. Her memory is that powerful,” adds her proud father.

At Present when her counterparts are studying in class 9th, she is pursuing with her final year in her Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Delhi University.

MITTAL PATADIYA – Who saved her mother and is living a life carrying more than 300 stitches

This girl put up an act of bravery by defying 2 attackers at her residence and in the process was stabbed so many times that she received 350 stitches but did not escape the situation eventually the attackers got arrested and she managed to save her mother’s life.

She was awarded the national bravery award in the year 2012. She has set an example for millions of youngsters to face the crisis with all the courage the have rather than surrendering yourself to the fate of life.



This children’s day promise yourself to not only make your child learn but also learn from them. Here’s the child in all of us A VERY HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY!


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