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Thousands of students meditated through ALLEN’s ‘Bhakti ki Pathshala’ Sanskar Mahotsav 2017

Traditionally dressed up faculties, elite decorations and mesmerizing Bhajans compelled everyone to dance on the holy tunes on 9th November 2017 at city’s Bhakti Ki Pathsala. ALLEN Career Institute Kota organized cultural festival, Sanskar Mahotsav (Varshikotsav) 2017 at ALLEN Saakar Premises near city mall, Jhalawar road today where students of science learned spirituality.

It was such a class of devotion, where students learned about religion and teachers about their karma. In this ceremony, a large number of parents and local residents participated. In the presence of thousands of people, the faculty members and students were seen dancing on melodious tunes of Bhajans. On this occasion, Shri Jhalaria Peethadhishwar Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swamiji Shri Ghanshyamacharya Ji Maharaj said that Students have to learn patience, religion and meditation for their goals. Students are like raw soil and teacher’s plays the role potter who shapes them for their brighter tomorrow. The teacher’s work and the student’s virtue together create a life which plays a role to uplift the society and nation. 

The teachers feel privileged to serve the society by educating the youngsters and the students should also feel privileged to have teachers who are there to impart education to them. Hence, we must have faith in God and thank him for all the privileges we have in life, he added. He also gave success mantra to students i.e. students should meditate regularly. Students should be open to learn new things just like a crow that sits and watch out for his prey. They should be focused on their goal just like a crane who is focused for his target. Students should be dedicated towards their aim and should have a balanced sleep just like a dog, they should take balanced diet.

The revered saint of Shri Jhalaria Peeth Swami Shri Buddhewachariya Maharaj was also present in this event. The event took off with religious songs and Director of the Institute, Sh. Govind Maheshwari inaugurated the event with Ganpati Vandana, followed by many devotional Bhajans. In this divine ceremony, mother of the ALLEN Directors Smt. Krishnadevi Manandhana and directors Sh. Rajesh Maheshwari, Sh. Naveen Maheshwari and Sh. Brajesh Maheshwari were also present. Everywhere the students were seen enjoying dancing on the Bhajans. Flowers were showered with joy and frolic amidst beautiful Jhankis and tempting dance. The programme was a combination of spirituality, devotion, music and rituals.

Soon the Lord Venkatesh and Lakshmi’s grand “savaari” came and Divya Kalyanotsav was started.  As soon as the Divya Kalyanotsav of Lord Venkatesh commenced in the huge pandal, thousands of students cherished this moment with shower of flower to the Lord. A grand procession of Lord Venketesh and Goddess Laxmi arrived accompanied with music and verses. The youth was seen excited. The Idol of Bhagvant Vigrah was decorated with Royal arrangements (Staff, Umbrella, Flag, Shell, Disc etc) a top of Swarn Mangal giri (decorated mountain). A large crowd gathered to see a glimpse of the Shankh Chakradhari Lord Shri Venkatesh in this traditional environment.

The Kalyanotsav of Lord Shri Tirupati Balaji is celebrated just like the Vaishnav tradition of Kalyanotsav. On the same tradition and tune the marriage of Lord Venketesh and Goddess Laxmi took place. Sh. Govind Maheshwari, director of the institute, created an aura in the event by singing Bhajans like ‘Juk jao shri Rangnaath…jhukno pad si…’ ‘Mhari goda bholi-bhali si, then chatra sa sardar…’ ‘Dekhat dekhat juk gae Shri. Rangnath…’, in the ceremony.   Faculty members danced on the emotional tunes while students showered flowers with joy and frolic. The palanquin and throne of Lords were decorated with flowers, peacock feathers. People expressed their immense joy on the divine experience of Kalyanotsav beholding the sight of the Lords.


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