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Why has Olympiad Exams become of major significance?

Olympiad Exams Education is gaining importance among school students

These days students are giving amazing performances in national and international Olympiad. A large number of students have started preparing for Olympiad along with their school education, thus increasing the competition at the post-school level.

It is evident that ‘Early Start Is the Right Start‘. This now seems stalwart in real life. Earlier, students used to choose their subjects after passing 10th standard, but that is now changing. Parents are getting sensitive about the future of their children and taking decisions after proper counseling, recognizing the talent of children at a young age. These decisions related to career have brought about a change in school education. More focus is put on target-based schooling. Along with awareness, students are developing an interest in Olympiads. Olympiad tests analyze the student’s aptitude as well as their knowledge of a particular subject.

To build a career in engineering and medical education, preparations are also being done at Foundation Division based on this concept. The children from class 6 are being prepared for competitive exams in such a way that they can achieve success in the country’s prestigious engineering entrance exam, JEE-Advanced, and Main and Medical entrance examinations effortlessly. Students are proving superiority while preparing for various International and National Olympiads. Not only are they reaching the finals at the international level, but also winning gold medals and glorifying country’s pride. The gold medals achieved in the International Junior Science Olympiad over the last few years showcase the students’ problem-solving ability and ability to think analytically.

Why the Importance of Olympiads Is Growing

After deciding the career direction of the students, a decent education at the school level becomes necessary. Considering the career, students need advanced education level for particular topics. In this case, students need to study in addition to schools. Along with this, awareness of various talent search examinations like NTSE, KVPY, NSTSE, Junior Science Olympiad, National Science Olympiad, Earth Sciences Olympiad, Astronomy Olympiad, which is being done at the school level, is increasing very much. By joining these exams, the student does not only improve scholarships but also its academic record. For this reason, parents are exerting the students towards Olympiad education.

How to prepare for Olympiads

Examinations are done at three levels to provide students with Nurture education along with their school education.

In this, the first level is the foundation level which is important for every student. This is purely concept based. Science-based activities and examples are helpful in explaining the students in a very easy way.

Students in Advanced Level are those who in spite of being in Class 6th is covering the syllabus of higher classes. Their study material is prepared in consideration with International Boards like IB and Cambridge etc. This is how students are prepared for Olympiads like NSO, IMO, NSTSE and NTSE.

The third level is of excellent level in which the students are taught syllabus of a very high-level. Study material is prepared on the basis of the different topics from different boards. Students of this level are prepared for the International Junior Science Olympiad and Senior Olympiads.

Useful Study Material for Olympiads

Looking at the students’ trends, the research and development team of the Institute prepares the complete study material based on the syllabus of various International, National and State Education Boards. Study Material for Foundation Level is based on NCERT. Advance Level Study Material is prepared while keeping in mind the level of various competitive examinations and excellent level study material is prepared with the aim of cracking Olympiads such as IJSO, IBO, ICHO, etc.

You can check the useful study material for Olympiads with free Online test series for Class VI to Class X

Tests beneficial measure performance

Tests conducted from time to time to test the performance of the students so that students can assess themselves. Minor Tests and proficiency tests are useful in determining the position and preparation level of the students.

Brilliant performances by Students

Noticing the results of past Olympiad examinations, we see that students are continuously performing brilliantly in the International Junior Science Olympiad. In the year 2018-19, Ten Students of the Institute won Gold Medal. While in 2017-18, five students of the institute received the Gold Medal. All six students who were successful in IJSO in the year 2016-17 were from ALLEN. Four of whom have won the gold medal. Similarly, in the year 2015-16 four out of six students were from Allen. Four of them won gold medals. Apart from this, many students are winning silver and bronze medals in various Olympiads.

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