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12500 students from Kota reached their home town UP-Uttarakhand safely during Corona Virus Lockdown

Over 12,500 Kota Coaching Students reached Home safely: 

  • In the first two days, more than 300 buses and on the third day 96 buses left Kota with the students.
  • Over 12500 students reached UP and more than 500 students reached Uttarakhand.
  • MP students will leave from 22 April.
  • ALLEN Kota helping students reaching home safely.

Educational City Kota has once again created a benchmark by making unique efforts to help the students of Kota Coaching. Nearly 12500 students of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand who are studying in Kota have been sent to their homes through buses. Homecoming of more than 12500 students has been made possible under the guidelines of the government. While departing from Kota, the students thanked Yogi Ji and appreciated the efforts of ALLEN. It is only after the efforts of the district administration on the appeal of ALLEN Career Institute, that the Rajasthan government, Uttar Pradesh government and Uttarakhand government gave its approval.

Thanks, Kota, Well done ALLEN

On the request made by the students over 12500 of them were sent to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. For this, more than 310 buses were sent to Kota by the Uttar Pradesh government and 93 buses were of Rajasthan Roadways. While departing from Kota the students were immensely happy to go back to their homes. A proper health check of the students was done before their departure also social distancing was maintained while traveling. Along with this, the students were also provided snacks. The students were filled with enthusiasm and were seen shouting ‘Thank you, Kota, thank you ALLEN’. Educational City, Kota has proved that this city not only helps a student to fulfill its Career dream but also provides them with an environment in which the students are taken care of just like a family member. In such tough times, the students were provided with food and medical facilities. Also to prepare for the exam seamlessly the students have been provided with a facility of free online test series. Not only this, but a free helpline number has also been provided on which the students can call any time while facing a problem.

ASWS sanitized the buses

Before the departure of the students, all the buses were sanitized by ALLEN Career Institute. Every bus was pre-sanitized from outside and inside by the team of ALLEN Student Welfare Society. After a thorough cleaning, students were seated while following social distancing. With the help of two tractors and 6 hand machines in Kota, all hostels and PG areas are being sanitized. So far more than a dozen areas have been sanitized, including Jawahar Nagar, Indra Vihar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Talwandi, Mahavir Nagar, Landmark City, Kamla Udhyan, Housing Board, Chanchal Vihar.

Snacks packets, masks, and water bottles were given to the students

Along with the wellness of the students, it was also kept in mind that the students must have a pleasant journey. For this thousand of students were given snack packets by ALLEN before their departure. The packet included water bottles, chocolate, wafers, biscuits, bhujia and sweets. Also, each student was given a mask.

Staff members of ALLEN helped the students

The staff members of the ALLEN Career Institute helped the students to keep the luggage on the buses. In the situation of lockdown, the commuting facility is not available in the city, in such a situation ALLEN provided vehicles to pick up the students from their hostels. Their belongings were transported to the buses by ALLEN staff members so that the students would not have to face any problem in the scorching sun.

The task with one-day planning became successful

Due to the lockdown, classes were suspended in the coaching institutes of Kota. NTA has also postponed the engineering and medical entrance examinations. In such a situation, thousands of students living in Kota wanted to go back to their homes, but due to the lockdown, it was not possible. So the students were constantly requesting the district administration to allow them to go back home. Kota Coaching Students also started a campaign on Twitter for going back home. Seeing this, the UP government understood the misery of the students and with the help of the Rajasthan government, they made a strategy to send the students back to UP. Amidst the lockdown, the safe return of the students was a daunting task but it was made possible with the support of UP government, Kota district administration and ALLEN.
Kota District Collector Sh Om Kasera, Kota SP Sh Gaurav Yadav, ADM Sh Narendra Gupta, ASP Sh Rajesh Meel, ALLEN Director Sh Naveen Maheshwari and UP Government officials were present on the spot and got the students back home safely. Along with Sh Naveen Maheshwari, the entire academic and admin team of ALLEN also worked tirelessly, aiming for the successful farewell of every student.

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Thermal scanning of each student

Due to the risk of coronavirus infection, social distancing is being emphasized everywhere. In such a situation, sending thousands of students home was no less of a challenge. Medical and nursing staff of the Kota District Medical Department and ALLEN Career Institute conducted thermal screening and examined each student. Not more than 30 students boarded a bus. Even while boarding the buses, students were standing in queues at a distance of one meter each.

Every student was instructed to wear a mask.

More than 25000 students still in Kota

Students of UP and Uttarakhand have been departed from Kota. Now more than 2500 students of other states are still in Kota. Rajasthan government, Kota district administration and ALLEN are trying to get in touch with the state officials to allow the students to enter their home town soon. MP and Chhattisgarh government have prepared a strategy for this and asked for the information from the Kota district administration, including the names of the students of their states.

Striving for the students from other states as well

– Sh Naveen Maheshwari (Director, ALLEN Career Institute)

ALLEN Career Institute is making efforts to help the students of Kota Coaching in every possible way. Food is being served by the institute based on requests coming through the helpline. Medical help is also being given to the students. Along with this, a helpline has been issued for Psychological, Academic and Clinical Counseling. The students are 15 to 18 years of age and cannot live without family for such a long time under such adverse conditions. They are constantly trying to go back home. With the efforts of District Administration, State Government and Uttar Pradesh Government the students were sent back home safely.
Thousands of students will now be able to meet their parents. We hope that other state governments will also come forward and take steps to reunite the students with their parents. We are trying for the homecoming of the students of other states as well. We also thank the media for raising the voice of the students and for the efforts made to support them to go back home.
 – Sh Naveen Maheshwari (Director, ALLEN Career Institute)


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