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General Guidelines by ALLEN Kota Coaching amid COVID 19. Must Read

In the current scenario, the whole world is facing health crises due to outbreak of Corona Virus. Amidst this outbreak Allen Career Institute has issued guidelines for the safety of the students.

Here some guidelines for hostels, PG operators, students and parents.

  • Maintain emotional connect with students, give them a family-like atmosphere.
  • Do not allow students to go out unless it is very important.
  • Motivate students to study, cooperate with them in every possible way for exam preparation.
  • Do not let students go outside the hostel, the hostel operators should provide them with the necessary items through their staff.
  • Allow hostel staff to enter and exit the hostel only after sanitizing. Arrange a sanitizer at common entry.
  • Suggest students to avoid travelling, do not pressurize them to go home.
  • Motivate the students to utilise the time for the preparation.
  • Provide facilities such as TV for the entertainment of students so as to relieve their stress

Guidelines to be followed if students have to travel in case of emergency

  • Allow the students to travel only after taking permission from parents and district administration.
  • Avoid taking any kind of risk, many states and districts have sealed the borders.
  • Please be informed that if you are going by personal vehicle, you will be able to reach the destination easily.
  • As far as possible avoid travelling in crowded vehicles. It is safe if you are going by personal vehicle with family.
  • If the family visit the student and stays at the hostel, then set aside one or two rooms for them. Sanitize the room before the parents arrive and after they leave.
  • If the parents are going immediately, stop them in the common area of ​​the hostel.
  • Sanitize hostel regularly with sodium hypochlorite solution.
  • Prepare food packets for the students who are travelling.

Guidelines for Students

  • Do not travel. If possible try to avoid it.
  • Wherever you are, use the time to study.
  • Students going with family members also need permission from the district administration. Ask the family members to inform the hostel operator as well.
  • Provide all the information about travel to the hostel.
  • Depart with all necessary medicines.
  • Keep water bottles, sanitizers, food items and masks with you.
  • Keep the phone battery charged, keep the phone on all the time during the journey.

Guidelines for parents

  • Stay wherever you are. Do not travel nor ask your child to travel.
  • Stay in constant contact with your child.
  • Keep giving them emotional support and motivation to study.
  • Stay in contact with the hostel or PG operator.
  • Allow travelling only when there is an emergency.

Emergency Helpline Numbers

In case of any kind of emergency, contact the following helpline numbers of district administration

☎ 9358486005
☎ 9358486006
☎ 9358486007
☎ 9358486008
☎ 8306100795
☎ 8306100796
☎ 8306100797
☎ 8306100798

ASWS Emergency Helpline Numbers

Helpline numbers have been issued in Kota by Allen Student Welfare Society for emergency situations. These Special Round the clock helpline numbers have been issued for the students to call if they need any help so that they don’t have to step out.

“Sankalp” Indra Vihar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Mahaveer Nagar Area
Shashpuri: -9116630910

“Satyarth” Jawahar Nagar, Basant Vihar, Dadabari, Talwandi
Dinesh Gujar: -9460570600

“Samyak” Kunhadi area
Idris Khan: -7014724730

“Supath” Baran Road
Om Prakash Nama: -7726079972

Reliable Institute (Bansal Tower)
K K Sharma: -8107632036

Mukesh Saraswat – 9414252237
Raghuveer Singh-9829530718

This time is very challenging for all of us and we need to fight the situation with full patience. It is our responsibility to follow the guidelines given by the government. Let us fight this situation together.

Stay at Home! Stay Safe!

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