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ALLEN Felicitated Successful students of IIT-JEE & AIIMS 2016 in Victory Celebration

With many smiling faces glittering with enthusiasm, ALLEN Career Institute’s Annual prize Distribution ceremony for the toppers of JEE Advanced 2016 and AIIMS 2016 concluded successfully.

ALLEN felicitated its toppers of the 2 prestigious examinations along with their parents in a grand “Victory Celebration 2016”.

IIT JEE Advanced 2016 Topper
IIT-JEE 2016 Topper Aman Bansal Receiving Awards with his Family

Director, Sh. Brajesh Maheshwari on the occasion stated “Aman Bansal, a regular classroom student of ALLEN, topped the JEE Advanced 2016, immediately followed by Bhavesh Dhingra on AIR 2 and Kunal Goyal with AIR 3, which is a record in itself. Moreover AIR 9 has been secured by Gaurav Didwania leading to 4 students from ALLEN in All India top 10 and 25 in Top 100, nationally. Furthermore, ALLEN continued its winning streak in AIIMS 2016 with 8 students amongst All India Top 10 namely Nikhil Bajiya bagging the All India Rank 2, followed by Lajjaben Patel getting AIR 3, Het Shah AIR 4, Mridul Shah AIR 5, Dyuti Shah AIR 6, Aishvary Gupta AIR 7, Kushagra Pandey on AIR 8 and Ekansh Goyal acquiring the All India Rank 9 and a total of 24 students in Top 36.

IIT JEE Victory Celebration 2016
Respected Director Sir Sh. Brajesh Maheshwari performing group dance

To commemorate this historical success, a grand ceremony was organized in Sadbhaav Premises of ALLEN’s Samarth Building in Indra Vihar. Hon’able Smt. Krishna Devi Maheshwari, Respected Directors of ALLEN Career Institute, Sh Govind Maheshwari, Sh. Rajesh Maheshwari, Sh. Naveen Maheshwari and Sh. Brajesh Maheshwari rewarded the meritorious students with Cash Rewards, silver medals, wrist watches and laptop bags. On this occasion, Dr. KG Vaishnav (HOD, Biology), Sh. PB Saxena (HOD Chemistry) along with other faculty members increased the enthusiasm amongst the students.

JEE Advanced 2016 Toppers receive prizes of Rs 87 Lac 20 thousand

All India Topper receives a cheque of Rs 21,00,000

According to the Director ALLEN Career Institute Sh Naveen Maheshwari Aman Bansal received a Medal along with a cash prize worth rupees 21, 00,000 for securing the All India Rank 1 in JEE Advanced 2016. Similarly, Bhavesh Dhingra on AIR 2 and Kunal Goyal with AIR 3 were awarded with Medals and Rs 11,00,000 each, whereas, the AIR 9 Gaurav Didwana and AIR 18 Rohan Garg were given cash prizes of Rs 5,00,000 and Rs 2,00,000 respectively. Moreover, classroom students with ranks 23 to 100 were given Rs 1,00,000 each. The Distance learning student Animesh Bohra with AIR 19 received Rs 21,000 and the others amongst Top 100 were given away Rs 11,000 each. The 25 students amongst Top 100 were given away cash prizes worth Rs 65 Lac and 55 Thousand. The classroom students with ranks 101 to 200 were rewarded with Rs 1,00,000 each, while the 38 classroom students between 201 to 500 ranks were

rewarded with a cash prize of Rs 5000 each.. Also, under the scheme of ALLEN Rankers In Technical Studies Scholarship, 25 students were given scholarships of Rs 1500 each per month, till they complete their B.Tech. In total, cash prizes and scholarships of Rs 87 Lac 20 thousand were given away.

gudadi ke lal
Krishna Kumar with his brother Basant

Jewels in Rags were too felicitated

Director, Mr. Naveen Maheshwari told that ALLEN always encourages the students who came out of their best in tough conditions. This year also the jewel in rags Krishna Kumar was been felicitated. Krishna Kumar who bagged AIR 38 in OBC, paralyzed category will get Rs. 1500 per month for the 4 years till his B.Tech. Other than this, Smt. Krishna Devi Mandhana also gave him an amount of Rs. 21,000 as a special prize.


AIIMS 2016 toppers felicitated with prizes worth Rs 49 Lac 5 thousand

The toppers of AIIMS 2016 were given away cash rewards of Rs 22 Lac 41 Thousand. Nikhil Bajiya, AIR 2 in AIIMS 2016 was felicitated with a cash prize of Rs 3,00,000, while other classroom students in Top 10 received cash prizes of 2,00,000 each and Rs 21000 each was given away to the Distance Learning students in All India Top 10. 8 classroom students  on ranks 11 to 36 were given Rs 1,00,000 each and 9 distance learning students received cash prizes of Rs 11,000 each. Also, under the scheme of ALLEN Rankers In Medical Studies, 37 students were given away scholarships of Rs 26 Lac 64 Thousand. In total rewards and scholarships of were given away to the students.

ALLEN AIIMS 2016 Toppers
ALLEN AIIMS 2016 Toppers with Respected Directors & HOD’s

Colours of “Sanskaar” illuminated in the light of “Success”

Students and their Families enjoyed "Maharaas" with Respected Director Sir Sh. Govind Maheshwari
Students and their Families enjoyed “Maharaas” with Respected Director Sir Sh. Govind Maheshwari

The event started with lamp lighting followed by ALLEN’s prayer. Various singing and dance performances graced the event which the students enjoyed to the core along with their parents. The event was a combination of culture, patriotism and entertainment with the faculty members putting up a great show. The highlight of the program was the Fashion Show showcased by the faculty members, where the entire audience was seen cheering enthusiastically for their favorite teachers. The event concluded with a “Maharaas” where the students and their families enjoyed a round of dance with the members of the ALLEN Team.

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